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Buddhism General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Buddhism General Knowledge Questions and Answers


Buddhism Questions and Answers - Online General Knowledge Questions


1. Which are the states in which Hinayana Buddhism is popular?
Answer: Sri Lanka, Burma, Siyam, Cambodia.


2. In which state Mystic Buddhism developed?
Answer: Tibet.


3. To which section of Tibet did Mystic Buddhism gave importance flourished first?
Answer: Lamaism.


4. The idea for which Hinayana Buddhism gave importance:
Answer: Individual Freedom.


5. The Buddhist section which gave importance to universal freedom?
Answer: Mahayana.


6. Where does Mahayana Buddhism developed?
Answer: China.


7. In which state the ideas of both Hinayanism and Mahayanism were followed?
Answer: Japan.


8. Which state is following the ideas of Tendai Mysticism and Toji Misticism?
Answer: Japan.


9. Which is the Chinese School that stood for the propagation of Buddhism and for the development of Buddhism?
Answer: Zen.


10. More than half of the Japan population is following the most modem version of Buddhism. What is its name?
Answer: Amida Buddhism.


11. The states which believe in Amida Buddhism?
Answer: China, Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia, Manjuria, Annam.


12. One of the important literature of Buddhism:
Answer: Tripiṭaka.


13. During which period Tripiṭaka reached China from Japan?
Answer: Tang’s period (618-97), Song’s period (960-1279).


14. How many volumes did Tripiṭaka contain?
Answer: 5048.


15. Who is Nagarjuna?
Answer: Ancient Buddhist Thinker.


16. In which year Japan officially declared Buddhism as their religion?
Answer: AD 552.


17. Who declared Buddhism as the official religion of Japan?
Answer: Shotoku Taishi.


18. Who is known as great philosopher among philosophers?
Answer: Sri Buddha.


19. Which religion reached the position of developing culture with religion?
Answer: Buddhism.


20. Which idea did Buddhism put forward equal to the idea of yoga in Hinduism?
Answer: Meditation.


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