Biology Quiz Questions Plant Kingdom – Science Online Quiz Answers


Biology Plant Kingdom – Science Online Answers



Biology Quiz Questions Plant Kingdom


Biology GK Science Quiz with Answers


1) What are seedless plants called?

Answer: Cryptogams.

2) What is Dendrology?

Answer: The study of trees called Dendrology.

3) Energy is converted from sunlight and released by what?

Answer: Respiration.

4) Name the process by which plants prepare their food.

Answer: Photosynthesis.

5) What is Tonoplast?

Answer: Tonoplast is the membrane around the plant vacuoles.

6) What is the other name of root cap?

Answer: Calyptra.

7) What is Anemophily?

Answer: It is the pollination by wind.

8) What is pollination?

Answer: The transference of pollen grain from the another of a flower to the stigma is known as pollination.

9) What is Clinostat?

Answer: Clinostat is an apparatus used to demonstrate photoperiodism.

10) Name the process by which terrestrial plant loses water?

Answer: Transpiration.

11) What is the term used for the occurrence of more than one type of morphologically different leaves on the same plant?

Answer: Heterophylly.

12) In which country the hormone gibberellin was discovered?

Answer: Japan.

13) Name the natural process involving loss of water from a plant in the form of liquid drops.

Answer: Guttation.

14) What is the technical name of the natural opening in the leaves meant for gaseous exchange?

Answer: Stomata.

15) What are Heliophytes and Sciophytes?

Answer: Heliophytes are plants that grow in full sunlight, Sciophytes are plants that grow in shade.


General Biology Quiz Questions


16) Name the four insectivorous plants.

Answer: 1. Drosera, 2. Dionaea, 3. Aldrovanda, 4. Utricularia.

17) What is the color of Carotene?

Answer: yellow.

18) What is the source of chemical energy during photosynthesis?

Answer: Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)

19) What is the shape of chloroplast in spirogyra?

Answer: Ribbon shaped.

20) Which plant has the lifespan of 4000 years?

Answer: Gnetum.

21) Name the organelle where photosynthesis takes place?

Answer: Chloroplast.

22) What are the three kinds of plastids?

Answer: 1. Leucoplasts, 2. Chloroplasts, 3. Chromoplasts.

23) What is the other name for Nastic movement?

Answer: Sleep movement.

24) What is cladode?

Answer: The modification of stem to carry the function of leaf is called cladode. Example: Opuntia.

25) What is the male reproductive part of the flower known as?

Answer: Stamens.

26) Name the instrument used to demonstrate geotropism?

Answer: Clinostat.

27) What are the types of flagella noticed in Algae?

Answer: Whiplash, Tinsel.

28) What are Atrichous bacteria?

Answer: Bacteria which do not have flagella are called Atrichous bacteria.

29) What are the other names for dark reaction of photosynthesis?

Answer: Blackman’s reaction or Calvin cycle.

30) What is the most common nutritive tissue for the developing embryos in angiosperm known as?

Answer: Endosperm.


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