Biology Quiz Questions Nature and Scope of Biology – Science Quiz Questions


Biology Nature and Scope of Questions


Biology Quiz Questions Nature and Scope of Biology



Biology Science Quiz


1) What is ecosystem?

Answer: The entire living community and non-living factors of the environment together from the ecosystem.


2) Which form of science dealing with the study of structural and cultural traits of human beings?

Answer: Anthropology.


3) What are the two functional groups in an ecosystem?

Answer: Autotrophs and heterotrophs.


4) Where does the primary photo chemical reaction occur in chloroplast?

Answer: Quantasome.


5) What is exobiology?

Answer: It is the study of life in outer space.


6) What is the magnification of an electron microscope?

Answer: 100000


7) Which is the monocarpic plant which shows gregarious flowering once in 48 years?

Answer: Bamboo.


8) Write an example of serendipity.

Answer: Discovery of penicillin by Fleming.


9) What do you mean by Hydroponics?

Answer: Plant growth in liquid culture medium.


10) What is the technique of separation of disrupted cell components?

Answer: Fractionation.


11) What is EM?

Answer: Electron microscope.


12) Name two monocarpic plants which show gregarious flowering.

Answer: Bambusa tulda, Melocanna bambusoides.


13) Under what system, organisms are provided with scientific means?

Answer: Binomial nomenclature.


14) What is the name of that branch of Biology which devoted to identifying, naming and classifying organisms?

Answer: Taxonomy.


15) Who was the author of ‘Man’s place in nature’?

Answer: Huxley.


Biology Online Quiz Questions Answers – Biology Quiz in English


16) Both living and the non-living are made of same elements and are governed by the similar physical laws. In which respect are they different?

Answer: Level organization.


17) Expand the TMV.

Answer: Tobacco Mosaic Virus.


18) What is DNA?

Answer: Deoxyribonucleic acid.


19) What is Histology?

Answer: Histology is the study of tissues (Microscopic anatomy)


20) Which is the free living soil bacteria in fixes nitrogen?

Anatomy: Azotobacter.


21) What is Physiology?

Answer: Physiology is the study of structure and functions.


22) What is Cell Biology?

Answer: Cell Biology is the study of structure and reproduction of cells.


23) What do you mean by Genetics?

Answer: Genetics is the study of heredity and variations.


24) Write a Radio isotope.

Answer: I-131


25) How does the living and non-living resemble up to the level organization?

Answer: Molecules and compounds.


26) What number of chemicals are present in a cell?

Answer: About 5000.


27) Write an example of homeostasis.

Answer: Increased heart beat on running and sweating during exercise.


28) Which is called blue-print of information?

Answer: DNA.


29) Which cells are programmed to die during embryonic stage?

Answer: Vessel elements.


30) Why virus cannot be cultured in totally artificial medium?

Answer: Because it lacks machinery to use genetic information.


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