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50 Multiple Choice Trivia Questions

50 Multiple Choice Trivia Questions


Basic Trivia Questions with Answers


Multiple Choice Trivia Questions Part 1 (Questions 1-15)


1. The wind velocity is measured by which instrument?
a. Barometer
b. Anemometer
c. Hygrometer
d. Velocity meter
Answer: Anemometer


2. Name the largest internal organ in the human body?
a. Brain
b. Liver
c. Heart
d. Lungs
Answer: Liver

3. The Red planet is called after which planet?
a. Mercury
b. Mars
c. Jupiter
d. Saturn
Answer: Mars

4. Name the highest mountain in Africa?
a. Mount Kenya
b. Mount Stanley
c. Mount Kilimanjaro
d. Atlas Mountains
Answer: Mount Kilimanjaro


5. Which river is known to be the longest on earth?
a. Niger River
b. Lena River
c. Congo River
d. Nile River
Answer: Nile River


6. Name of a river is represented along with which civilization?
a. The Egyptian Civilization
b. The Chinese Civilization
c. The Harappan Civilization
d. The Mesopotamian Civilization
Answer: The Mesopotamian Civilization


7. The material used in pencil is?
a. Graphite
b. Silicon
c. Charcoal
d. Phosphorous
Answer: Graphite


8. The New York City was earlier called as?
a. New Amsterdam
b. Manhattan City
c. New Hampshire
d. Financial City
Answer: New Amsterdam


9. When did the American women won the right to vote?
a. 1919
Answer: 1920


10. Name the instrument that is used to detect earthquakes?
a. Radiometer
b. Barometer
c. Seismograph
d. Thermometer
Answer: Seismograph


11. Name the person who is the first to reach space?
a) Valentina Tereshkova
b) Yuri Gagarin
c) Alan Shepard
d) Rakesh Sharma
Answer: Yuri Gagarin


12. Name the most famous sport in the world?
a. Tennis
b. Football Soccer
c. Golf
d. Cricket
Answer: Football Soccer


13. The person who is capable to use both hands for equal skill is?
a. Ambidextrous
b. Hypermobile
c. Monopoly
d. Handy
Answer: Ambidextrous


14. Why was the Great Wall of China build for?
a. Trade route
b. Protection against Mongolians and Invaders
c. Practice place for the martial artists
d. Tourism purposes
Answer: Protection against Mongolians and Invaders


15. Which among these is the safe level of human noise intensity?
a. Up to 90 decibels
b. up to 80 decibels
c. up to 70 decibels
d. up to 60 decibels
Answer: up to 80 decibels


Multiple Choice Trivia Questions Part 2 (Questions 16-30)


16. Name the region of the atmosphere between 500-1000 km?
a. Exosphere
b. Mesosphere
c. Thermosphere
d. Stratosphere
Answer: Thermosphere


17. Name the continent which has only one country?
a. Africa
b. Asia
c. Australia
d. South America
Answer: Australia


18. Which is the biggest part of the brain?
a. Spinal cord
b. Cerebellum
c. Cerebrum
d. Brain Stem
Answer: Cerebrum


19. Name the animal having the fastest heartbeat rate among the following?
a. Etruscan shrew
b. Blue whale
c. Elephant
d. Human
Answer: Etruscan shrew


20. What is the term used to define the production of light by living beings?
a. Bio-luminescence
b. Bio-lighting
c. Bio-fluorescence
d. Bio- emitting
Answer: Bio-luminescence


21. Where is the Headquarters of The United Nations Organization situated?
a. Sydney, Australia
b. Toronto, Canada
c. New York, USA
d. Tokyo, Japan
Answer: New York, USA


22. Which is the world’s second largest continent?
a. Asia
b. Africa
c. Antarctica
d. Australia
Answer: Africa


23. Which among the following is known to be the lowest part of the brain?
a. Spinal cord
b. Cerebellum
c. Cerebrum
d. Brain Stem
Answer: Brain Stem


24. The most favourite food of panda is?
a. Acacia leave
b. Bamboo
c. Grass
d. Water
Answer: Bamboo


25. The theory of relativity was developed by whom?
a. Albert Einstein
b. Nikola Tesla
c. Marie Curie
d. Stephen Hawking
Answer: Albert Einstein


26. The country being known as the ‘land of the windmills’ is?
a. Netherlands
b. Poland
c. Norway
d. Denmark
Answer: Netherlands


27. A creature which is known by the name ‘ladybird’ is?
a. a Human
b. an Insect
c. a Reptile
d. a Bird
Answer: an Insect


28. The Roman Emperor who built the massive wall across Northern Britain is?
a. Marcus Aurelius
b. Hadrian
c. Nero
d. Augustus
Answer: Hadrian


29. The world’s tallest building is?
a. Shanghai Tower
b. Burj Khalifa
c. Makkah Royal Clock Tower
d. One World Trade Center
Answer: Burj Khalifa


30. The molten rock reaching the surface of earth is called as?
a. Magma
b. Crust
c. Volcano
d. Lava
Answer: Lava


Multiple Choice Trivia Questions Part 3 (Questions 31-50)


31. Name the animal which is known to be the ship of desert?
a. Donkey
b. Dog
c. Horse
d. Camel
Answer: Camel


32. Can you hear sounds in space?
a. Yes
b. No
c. Depends upon weather
d. Sometimes
Answer: No


33. The animal which is found to be living in a place is its?
a. Habitat
b. Adaptation
c. Landform
d. Niche
Answer: Habitat


34. Name the non-metal that can remain liquid at room temperature ?
a. Phosphorous
b. Bromine
c. Chlorine
d. Helium
Answer: Bromine


35. Which is the tallest waterfall in USA?
a. Victoria Fall
b. Yosemite Falls
c. Niagara Falls
d. Jog Fall
Answer: Yosemite Falls


36. The instrument which is used in submarine to see the objects above sea level is called?
a. Poly meter
b. Polygraph
c. Photometer
d. Periscope
Answer: Periscope


37. The largest country in the world in terms of area is?
a. Canada
b. United States
c. China
d. Russia
Answer: Russia


38. What is the term used to refer formations that come down from the ceiling in a cave?
a. Meteorites
b. Stalactites
c. Crust
d. Dust
Answer: Stalactites


39. Where does the kiwi Bird lives in?
a. Brazil
b. Germany
c. Netherland
d. New Zealand
Answer: New Zealand


40. Which among the following language is having the most number of alphabets?
a. Mandarin
b. Japanese
c. Taiwanese
d. Khmer (Cambodian)
Answer: Khmer (Cambodian)


41. The total number of day’s taken by mercury to orbit the sun is?
a) 135 days
b) 99 days
c) 88 days
d) 265 days
Answer: 88 days


42. Name the country with the lowest population in the world?
a. Monaco
b. Palau
c. Vatican City
d. Tuvalu
Answer: Vatican City


43. What does the term planktons refer to?
a. Plants living in water
b. Very small plants and animals living in water
c. Very small animals living on land
d. Animals living in plants.
Answer: Very small plants and animals living in water


44. The first woman to run for President in USA is?
a. Victoria Woodhull
b. Belva Ann Lockwood
c. Susan B. Anthony
d. Sonia Johnson
Answer: Victoria Woodhull


45. Which woman is known to be the first to reach space?
a) Valentina Tereshkova
b) Judith Resnik
c) Sally Ride
d) Anna Lee Fisher
Answer: Valentina Tereshkova


46. Which among these is the capital of USA?
a. New York City
b. San Francisco
c. Washington D.C
d. Seattle
Answer: Washington D.C


47. Which shark is known to be the deadliest in the ocean?
a. Bull Shark
b. Goblin Shark
c. Great White Shark
d. Mako Shark
Answer: Great White Shark


48. The tallest building in USA is?
a. One World Trade Center
b. Willis Tower
c. Empire State Building
d. 432 Park Avenue
Answer: One World Trade Center


49. Name the country where snakes do not exist?
a. Ireland
b. Netherland
c. Nigeria
d. None of the above
Answer: Ireland


50. Name the world’s largest rainforest?
a. Atlantic Forests
b. Manu National Park
c. Amazon
d. Iguazú National Park
Answer: Amazon


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