Furniture General Knowledge Quiz Questions

Basic Furniture Quiz Questions


Basic Furniture Quiz Questions


Furniture Quiz


1. Which furniture provide a place for study and paper work?
Answer: Desk.


2. In many homes, which is an impressive piece of furniture?
Answer: Piano.


3. Items including rugs, carpets, curtains, draperies, lamps and pictures are called what?
Answer: Furnishings.


4. Most furniture are made up of what?
Answer: Wood or wood products.


5. Furniture makers also use:
Answer: Glass, metal, plastics and a variety of other materials.


6. Who is called the skilled craft workers?
Answer: Artisans.


7. Whose name is given to Louis XIV furniture:
Answer: King Louis XIV of France.


8. Which style of American furniture recalls the beginning of the federal system of government in the United States?
Answer: Federal.


9. Art Nouveau, takes its name from:
Answer: An Art movement.


10. Which is closely related to the history of human culture?
Answer: History of Furniture.


11. Early U.S. furniture was based on:
Answer: English designs.


12. Modern office furniture style was first popularized by whom?
Answer: Scandinavian designers.


13. When did modern office furniture style was first popularized?
Answer: 1920s.


14. Modern office furniture often emphasizes natural wood and:
Answer: Streamlined geometric forms.


15. Phyfe’s furniture was strongly influenced by which style?
Answer: English styles of the mid-1700s.


Furniture General Knowledge Quiz Questions Part 2


16. Who created the first known furniture?
Answer: Ancient Egyptians.


17. When was the Ancient Egyptians created the first known furniture?
Answer: About 3000 B.C.

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18. Which period produced little important furniture?
Answer: Middle Ages.


19. Ancient Egyptians considered that the ownership of furniture is a mark of:
Answer: Social rank.


20. What was probably the most lasting Egyptian contribution to furniture design?
Answer: Development of the arm chair.


21. The Greeks borrowed many furniture forms from whom?
Answer: Egyptians.


22. Which became the major pieces of household decoration in ancient Greece?
Answer: Beds.


23. Beds became major pieces of household decoration in ancient Greece. Why?
Answer: They were used beds for dining as well as for sleeping.


24. Which was the most common ancient Greek chair?
Answer: Klismos.


25. Which chairs had curved legs and a curved back?
Answer: Klismos.


26. Roman furniture makers adopted a Greek stool design and developed it into a stool. What was the name of the stool?
Answer: Curule.


27. Which Roman chair had curved legs in the shape of an X?
Answer: Curule.


28. What was the common form of furniture decoration during Middle Ages?
Answer: Carvings.


29. Which was a major Roman contribution to table design?
Answer: Slab Table.


30. During the 1200s which style influenced the design of furniture?
Answer: Gothic.


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