Art and Architecture Online Quizzes Part 2


Art and Architecture Online Quizzes Part 2


Art and Architecture Online Quizzes - General Quiz Questions and Answers


1. Edgar Degas – the French artist had two particularly favorite subjects, scenes of which he painted many times. Name one of them:
Answer: Horse racing and the ballet.


2. Which artist painted the work entitled ‘Guernica’ in 1937 which depicted a Spanish town destroyed during the Spanish Civil War?
Answer: Pablo Picasso.


3. Which English artist painted the following works – “Steamer in a Snowstorm”, ‘Fighting Temeraire’ and ‘Burial at Sea’?
Answer: Joseph Mallord William Turner.


4. What famous building would you find in the city of Agra?
Answer: The Taj Mahal.


5. Which Dutch graphic artist painted pictures of visual paradoxes and optical illusions?
Answer: Maurits Escher.


6. Which British artist painted a series of screaming Popes based on a portrait of Innocent X by Velazquez?
Answer: Francis Bacon.


7. What was designed by the architect Sir Joseph Paxton to house the Great Exhibition of 1851? Answer: Crystal Palace.


8.Who designed the Cenotaph in Whitehall?
Answer: Edwin Lutyens.


9. Who became the first President of the Royal Academy in 1768?
Answer: Joshua Reynolds.


10.Which German architect founded the Bauhaus School in 1919?
Answer: Walter Gropius.


11. Which family’s art treasures became the basis of the collection at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence?
Answer: The Medici family.


12. Which 17th century artist painted more than 60 self-portraits?
Answer: Rembrandt.


13. Which French artist was best known for his streetscapes of Paris?
Answer: Utrillo.


14. What is the collective name for the three goddesses who are said to be the personifications of pleasure, charm and beauty?
Answer: The Graces.


15. What is a ‘Campanile’?
Answer: A detached church bell-tower (eg: The Leaning Tower of Pisa)


Art and Architecture GK Quiz Questions and Answers


16. He was a famous French artist of the Impressionist School who lived between 1841 and 1919. His works include portraits, still life’s, landscapes and groups including ‘Les Parapluies’ and ‘La Place Pigalle’. He was crippled in later life by arthritis. Who was he?
Answer: Pierre Auguste Renoir.


17. What is the art of topiary?
Answer: Clipping hedges into artistic shapes.


18. Which French impressionist painter is credited with the development of the technique known as pointillism?
Answer: Georges Seurat.


19. Domenikos Theotokopoulos was a notable artist in the 16th century and lived in Spain painting for the Spanish Court. How has he better known?
Answer: El Greco.


20. In ballet what does the term ‘Sur les Pointes’ mean?
Answer: On the toes.


21. In which field of the arts was the English woman Barbara Hepworth a notable exponent?
Answer: Sculpture.


22. Van Dyck, Van Eyck, Brueghel and Rubens all were of the same nationality. What nationality were they?
Answer: Flemish (or Belgian)


23. In which of the arts did Joan Sutherland achieve world-wide fame?
Answer: Opera.


24. Name the Swiss architect responsible for ‘The United Habitation’ in Marseille and the chapel of ‘Notre Dame du Haut’ in ‘Ronchamp’:
Answer: Fungus.


25. Who was the famous dancer who was killed when her long scarf was caught in the wheel of a motor car in 1927?
Answer: Isadora Duncan.


26. ‘Gamboge’ is a resinous gum which is used as a pigment in paint – what color does it make?
Answer: Yellow.


27. Sir Alfred Gilbert was an English sculptor whose best-known work stands in the middle of Piccadilly Circus. What is the statue known as?
Answer: The memorial fountain called Eros.


28. What is the name given to the craft or art which involves the inlay of ornamental woods, metals, shells, ivory etc. cut thin and glued onto wood and furniture?
Answer: Marquetry.


29. Paul Gauguin – the post impressionist French artist – devoted much of his life to painting scenes of a South Sea Island. Which island did he often paint?
Answer: Tahiti.


30. What famous painting is otherwise known as “La Gioconda”?
Answer: The Mona Lisa.


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