Top 50 General Quiz about Animals All Around the World – Online GK

Top 50 General Quiz about Animals All Around the World – Online GK


Top 50 General Quiz about Animals All Around the World - Online GK


1. A group of which animals is referred to as a wake?
Answer: Vultures.


2. Which is the smallest living bird?
Answer: bee hummingbird.


3. Which animals is related to the ant?
Answer: wasp.


4. What was the first animal that humans domesticated for food?
Answer: the goat.


5. What is the hardest tissue in a mammal’s body?
Answer: enamel.


6. Snails and slugs are related. True or false?
Answer: True.


7. What is the name of the evolutionary phenomenon that accounts for the massive tails of peacocks?
Answer: Sexual selection.


8. How much of its body weight can a Nile crocodile eat?
Answer: Half.


9. What is the only living bird with two toes on each foot?
Answer: Ostrich.


10. What is the name for the wild dog of Australia?
Answer: dingo.


11. How many species of vipers are there?
Answer: 200.


12. What do carnivores eat?
Answer: animals.


13. What do flamingos eat?
Answer: seafood.


14. How many legs do insects have?
Answer: 6.


15. In which country did pigeon racing begin as a sport?
Answer: Belgium.


General Knowledge Animals Quiz Questions with Answers Part 2


16. How many meters in length can a reticulated python become?
Answer: 10.


17. Which group of birds migrates the farthest when measured by body length?
Answer: hummingbirds.


18. Clams are kinds of mollusks called bivalves. True or false?
Answer: True.


19. Male grouse and other birds aggregate and compete for the attention of females in groups known as what?
Answer: Leks.


20. How many pounds of meat can a tiger eat at once?
Answer: 40–60.


21. The graylag, the bean, the brant, and the barnacle are all species of what bird?
Answer: Geese.


22. What does the kangaroo excel in?
Answer: jumping.


23. What is the largest terrier?
Answer: Airedale.


24. Why are many animals brightly colored?
Answer: to attract attention.


25. Which of these is not a relative of the wolf?
Answer: takhi.


26. What is the world’s longest poisonous snake?
Answer: king cobra.


27. Mollusk shells are made of ivory. True or false?
Answer: False.


28. What part of her mate’s body does a female sagebrush cricket eat?
Answer: His wings.


29. Which animal kicked its way out of a feral Burmese python in the Everglades?
Answer: American alligator.


30. Which species of bird is not native to the United States?
Answer: ring-necked pheasant.


General Knowledge Animals Quiz Questions with Answers Part 3


31. In some parts of the world, mysterious deaths of which creatures threaten agriculture?
Answer: bees.


32. How many breeds of dogs are there?
Answer: 400.


33. What animal is an ancestor of domesticated cattle?
Answer: the aurochs.


34. How many baby kangaroos are usually born at a time to a single mother?
Answer: 1.


35. Saltwater snails give birth to live snails. True or false?
Answer: False.


36. In which bird species will a homosexual male pair “adopt” a female and raise offspring with her?
Answer: Greylag goose.


37. What is the largest animal hunted by the leopard?
Answer: Giraffe.


38. What is the unique characteristic of animals classed as monotremes, which represent a surviving link between mammals and reptiles?
Answer: They lay eggs.


39. What is the name for light produced by living things?
Answer: bioluminesence.


40. Where would you find a tuatara?
Answer: New Zealand.


41. What is another name for the dog called a German shepherd?
Answer: Alsatian.


42. What grows over a turkey’s beak?
Answer: snood.


43. Which of these animals swims in an upright position?
Answer: sea horse.


44. To which continent are cobras native?
Answer: Asia.


45. There are only about 15 species of snail. True or false?
Answer: False.


46. What is a hectocotylus?
Answer: The mating arm of a cephalopod.


47. What is the largest species of bird taken by the peregrine falcon?
Answer: Sandhill crane.


48. What is another name for the Australian kingfisher (known also as the laughing jackass)?
Answer: The kookaburra.


49. Which of the animals is the most often used in scientific research?
Answer: fly.


50. What is a group of bats called?
Answer: colony.


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