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Animals GK Questions and Answers

Animals GK Questions and Answers


Animals General Quiz Questions Answers Part 5 - Online GK Questions


1. Where would you be likely to find a sleeping bat?
Answer: in a cave.


2. The viceroy butterfly looks like a monarch butterfly. True or false?
Answer: True.


3. Peacock spiders, known for their exotic colors and bizarrely charming mating dances, are native to which country?
Answer: Australia.


4. Albatross chicks are up to 300 times heavier than this predator, yet they are at risk from it on Gough Island in the Atlantic.
Answer: Mice.


5. Which group of mammals are known by the following names: leaf-nosed, chin leaf, whiskered, and mouse-eared?
Answer: Bats.


6. What kind of animal is a kangaroo?
Answer: marsupial.


7. How many times more sensitive is a dog’s nose than a human’s?
Answer: 1000.


8. Where would you not find parrots in the wild?
Answer: Ireland.


9. Where is the largest chameleon found?
Answer: Madagascar.


10. Butterflies are abundant in Antarctica. True or false?
Answer: False.


11. What kind of animal is a gourami?
Answer: Fish.


12. Which large animal is the orca least successful at hunting?
Answer: Blue whale.


13. To what special category do the following hunting dogs belong: Afghan, beagle, and whippet?
Answer: Hounds.


14. What is the strongest animal based on the ratio of work it can do to its own size?
Answer: beetle.


15. What feature do adult platypuses lack?
Answer: teeth.


Animals GK Questions and Answers Part 2


16. What do most bats eat?
Answer: insects.

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17. What is the most notable feature of a pelican?


18. About how many species of bats are there?
Answer: 1000.


19. Monarch butterflies like milkweed. True or false?
Answer: True.


20. What kind of animal is a bongo?
Answer: Antelope.


21. What percentage of its body weight can a Burmese python consume at one time?
Answer: 100.


22. Which 19th-century children’s classic by Anna Sewell features a horse?
Answer: Black Beauty.


23. On what animal would you be riding if you sat in a howdah?
Answer: Elephant.


24. What bird figures on the national flag of Mexico?
Answer: eagle.


25. What is the most deadly Australian animal?
Answer: jellyfish.


26 What is an animal of the class Aves?
Answer: bird.


26. Butterflies have three sets of legs. True or false?
Answer: True.


28. What kind of fish is not referred to as scrod?
Answer: Tuna.


29. How many pounds of salmon can a grizzly bear eat in a day?
Answer: 80–100.


30. The winged horse Pegasus belongs to the mythology of which culture?
Answer: Greek.


31. The feathers once sold commercially as osprey plumes did not come from the osprey at all. From which bird were they taken?
Answer: The egret.


32. Where would you not likely find bats?
Answer: Antarctica.


33. Which color would you not expect a rattlesnake to be?
Answer: blue.


34. Most moths fly only at night. True or false?
Answer: True.


35. What kind of animal is a spring peeper?
Answer: Frog.

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36. To which class of animals does the tortoise belong?
Answer: Reptilia.


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