Ancient History General Knowledge – Online Quiz Questions


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Ancient History General Knowledge - Online Quiz Questions

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World History Quiz – Ancient World General Knowledge Quiz

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1)  When did earth originate?

Answer: The exact time is not known. Approximately it is 4600 million of years.


2) What was the state of earth at the beginning?

Answer: It was a globe of burning gas.


3) What is called the ‘Ice Age?’

Answer: Huge sheets of ice moved down from the north and covered the earth’s surface.


4) How many ice ages have passed by this time?

Answer) At least four ice ages.


5) What is called the ‘Sun Age?’

Answer: The warm periods in between the Ice Ages.


6) What is the shape of the Earth?

Answer: Spherical in shape.


7) Who was Ptolemy?

Answer: A Greek astronomer in the ancient period.


8) What did Ptolemy think of the shape of the earth?

Answer: The earth is flat.


9) When did life appear on the earth?

Answer: About 700 million years age.


10) What were the first living things appear on the earth?

Answer: The plants.


11) When did animal life come on earth?

Answer: 500 million years ago.


12) What was the first form of animals?

Answer: Those who live in the water like fish etc.


13) Give the names of animals according to the order of their origin.

Answer: The animals living in water, then amphibian, then reptiles, then birds, then mammals. From mammals came man.


14) About half a million years ago, there were some creatures which resembled man. What are they called?

Answer: Near man or sub man.


15) By what name the sub men were known?

Answer: Hominoids.


World History GK Questions


16) What kind of life the Hominoids were leading?

Answer: Animal life.


17) The history of man is divided in to two broad divisions. What are they?

Answer: Prehistoric period and historic period.


18) What is Prehistoric period?

Answer: No reliable source of history.


19) When was the Prehistoric period come to an end?

Answer: Nearly by 3000 B.C.


20) The Prehistoric period is divided in to three. What are they?

Answer: Paleolithic age, Neolithic age and Metal age.


21) Where does the word Paleolithic derived from?

Answer: From Greek language. Palaeos means old, Lithos means stone.


22) What is the other name by which Paleolithic is known?

Answer: Old stone age.


23) By which name the Neolithic age is known?

Answer: New stone age.


24) Why do the historians call this early period as stone ages?

Answer: Stones are used as their main implements and it is this stone implements which tell us the history.


25) How did the Paleolithic men use stone as their implements?

Answer: Chipping stones.


26) What kind of life were the Paleolithic men leading?

Answer: Food gatherers or hunters.


27) Where did Paleolithic men live in the beginning?

Answer: On river banks in the open air.


28) In later Paleolithic period, what improvements did they make for their dwelling?

Answer: Lived in caves.


29) How did the Paleolithic people clad?

Answer: Tree barks and animal skin. But often naked.


30) What kind of social life was the Paleolithic men leading?

Answer: Lived in groups


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