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Tough Questions and Answers – Hardest Questions to Answer

Tough Questions and Answers – Hardest Questions to Answer


58 Tough Questions and Answers


Tough Questions and Answers – Hardest Questions to Answer Part 1 (Questions 1-20)


1. Who was the greatest ruler of the 19th dynasty?
Answer: Ramesses II (1292 B.C. – 1225 B.C.)


2. How many complete revolutions does the moon make around the earth in a calendar year?
Answer: 13 (and a small bit)


3. What is called the assemblage of the plant life of a region?
Answer: Flora.


4. What is the common name given to lanthanides and actinides?
Answer: Inner transition elements.


5. Name the organization which controls a number of stores under common ownership and management:
Answer: Chain stores.


6. Which is the biggest annoyance in computer generated modelling?
Answer: Aliasing.


7. Lowest temperature at which the vapor of bitumen can be ignited in air is called:
Answer: Flash point.


8. What is the name of the river water?
Answer: Free water.


9. Which mathematician wrote the literary work “A Russian Childhood”?
Answer: Sofia Kovalevskaya.


10. Who invented Helicopter?
Answer: Étienne Oehmichen.


11. Where are the main three offices of IATA (International Air Transport Association)?
Answer: At Geneva, Montreal and Singapore.


12. What was the great contributions of Ramses II in the field of architecture?
Answer: The great temple of Abu Simbel in Nubia.


13. Which planet has a great red spot?
Answer: Jupiter.


14. Which plant lives in the dark?
Answer: Sporophyte.


15. Which is the smallest atom?
Answer: Hydrogen.


16. Name the retail trading houses which receive orders from the public through post and deliver the articles by post:
Answer: Mail order Houses.


17. What is the reason for aliasing problem in computer animation and graphics?
Answer: Low resolution.


18. The technical process of converting the information to be supplied to the computer through the binary system is called:
Answer: Programming.


19. Mainly how many types of aquatic bodies are there?
Answer: Two.


20. Which mathematician wrote the literary classic of his time, ‘Pensées’?
Answer: Blaise Pascal.


Tough Questions and Answers – Hardest Questions to Answer Part 2 (Questions 21-40)


21. Who discovered Machine gun?
Answer: James Puckle.


22. How many passengers can be accommodated in 747 Jet?
Answer: 400.


23. Who was the last great ruler of the Egyptian empire?
Answer: Ramesses II.


24. How many planets in our solar system have only one moon?
Answer: Two, Earth and Pluto.


25. Which is the plant hormone that influence flowering and Stem elongation?
Answer: Gibberellin.


26. The relative tendency of the atoms to attract electrons in chemical reactions is called what?
Answer: Electronegativity.


27. What is the literal meaning of business?
Answer: To be busy.


28. The technology by which a virtual world appears real to the user by the use of computer generated animation is called:
Answer: Virtual Reality.


29. The electronic devices which can do tasks which are difficult for human beings are called:
Answer: Robots.


30. The slope of stairs should not be flatter than _
Answer: 25°


31. How many major zones are there for a Lentic aquatic body?
Answer: Four.


32. Once the great mathematician Charles Hermite had said, “He has left mathematicians something to keep them busy for five hundred years”. Which mathematician was he referring to?
Answer: Niels Henrik Abel.


33. Who discovered Margarine?
Answer: Hippolyte Mège-Mouriès.


34. What is the usual height gained by 747 Jet?
Answer: 30,000 feet.


35. When was the ancient civilization in Egypt destroyed?
Answer: By the Persian invasion in 525 B.C.


36. Which major planet was discovered in 1846?
Answer: Neptune.


37. Why does Duckweed float on water?
Answer: Because it is very small and light.


38. Which element has the lowest electronegativity value?
Answer: Cesium/ Francium.


39. What is the main objective of a business?
Answer: Profit.


40. What is the key to virtual reality?
Answer: The EyePhone.


Tough Questions and Answers – Hardest Questions to Answer Part 3 (Questions 41-58)


41. The IC chip which does the function of ALU and CU is known as:
Answer: Microprocessor.


42. A vertical window built in sloping side of the pitched roof is known as:
Answer: Dormer window.


43. Colour, taste and odour, temperature etc. are called what type of characteristics of water?
Answer: Physico-chemical.


44. Which poet said, “A man should be learned in several sciences, and should have a reasonable, philosophical and in some measure, a mathematical head to be a complete and excellent poet….”?
Answer: John Dryden.


45. Who invented Welding (electric)?
Answer: Elisha Thomson.


46. What is the speed of 747 Jet?
Answer: 575 Miles per hour.


47. When did Alexander the great conquer Egypt?
Answer: In 322 B.C.


48. What are the ‘Northern Lights’ otherwise known as?
Answer: Aurora Borealis.


49. How does water hyacinth float on water?
Answer: It has bulb like swelling filled with air, its leaf stalks and so it is able to float.


50. What is the electronegativity of fluorine?
Answer: 4.0.


51. Which term refers to economic activity which is concerned with production, processing or fabrication of goods?
Answer: Industry.


52. The animation which is used in modern industrial plants is called:
Answer: Technical Animation (TA)


53. The wave length of x-rays range between 0.1 to _ nanometers.
Answer: 10.


54. A window built parallel to the sloping surface of the inclined roof is known as:
Answer: Sky light window.


55. What makes the color of water dull yellow?
Answer: Humic and fulvic acid.


56. Who said, “Number rules the universe”?
Answer: Pythagoras.


57. Who discovered Windmill?
Answer: Persians.


58. What is the usual height gained by British Aerospace Concorde (BAC) or Supersonic Aircraft?
Answer: 50,000 feet.


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