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54 Difficult General Knowledge Questions and Answers

54 Difficult General Knowledge Questions and Answers


54 Difficult General Knowledge Questions and Answers


Difficult General Knowledge Questions Part 1 (Questions 1-18)


1. What were the instruments used by the Egyptians to measure time?
Answer: Sundial and water clock.


2. Why are there so many craters on the surface of the Mercury as on the surface of the Moon?
Answer: By the fall of meteors on its surface.


3. Which is the motile flagellate asexual spore?
Answer: Zoospore.


4. Which unstable substance formed as a result of a collision?
Answer: Activated complexes.


5. What is the name given to the business enterprises owned and managed by the Government?
Answer: Public enterprises.


6. What is a network?
Answer: Network is an interconnected collection of autonomous computers.


7. Which electrons are responsible for most electrical and electronic phenomena?
Answer: Free.


8. Liquid limit of a soil indicates its _
Answer: Shear strength.


9. Name a metamorphic rock:
Answer: Marble.


10. Who said, “The knowledge at which geometry aims is the knowledge of the eternal”?
Answer: Plato.


11. Name the scientist who proved that the velocity of light varies according to the medium through which it passes _
Answer: Léon Foucault.


12. How about the car ownership in USA in terms of number of cars per 1000 inhabitants?
Answer: 560.


13. “Bury my heart at wounded knee” Who wrote this remarkable line?
Answer: Stephen Vincent Benet.


14. Sun needs how many days to pass a sign?
Answer: 30 days.


15. What keeps the vehicle stable while moving on upheaval road or taking corners?
Answer: Stabilizer.


16. What is the meaning of Nirvana?
Answer: The relief from life and death.


17. Which British singer has had a string of hits including “In the Air Tonight” in 1981 and ‘Groovy Kind of Love’ in 1988?
Answer: Phil Collins.


18. From which sun goddess did all Japanese emperors claim to be descended?
Answer: Amaterasu.


Difficult General Knowledge Questions Part 2 (Questions 19-35)


19. Which publication documents all proceedings of the British Parliament?
Answer: ‘Hansard’.


20. Name the bay which is situated between the western part of France and northern part of Spain:
Answer: Bay of Biscay.


21. A sociologist aims to be_
Answer: An objective inquirer.


22. “I, Claudius” and “Claudius the God” are remarkable historical novels about the Romans. The author also wrote “Wife to Mr. Milton” again a historical novel. Who is the author?
Answer: Robert Graves.


23. What were the inventions made by the Egyptians in the field of Astronomy?
Answer: The solar calendar and the division of the year into 365 days.


24. What are radio galaxies?
Answer: Very distant galaxies which emit radio waves (They are so far away that their light waves do not reach the Earth).


25. What does an algae possess?
Answer: Chlorophyll and carotenes.


26. Which compound formed when hydrogen peroxide decomposes?
Answer: Water.


27. What is the form of organisation in which both Government and private enterprises invest money and take part in management?
Answer: Joint Sector.


28. How many kinds of networking and what are they?
Answer: Two type of computer connection in network. They are peer to peer and client/server.


29. Materials with an intermediate number of free electrons are called _
Answer: Semiconductor.


30. Relative density of sand indicates _
Answer: Looseness of sand.


31. How gravel, sand, silt and clay are formed?
Answer: By disintegration of rocks.


32. Who said, “The aim of research is the discovery of the equations which subsist between the elements of phenomena”?
Answer: Ernst Mach.


33. Who made the first commercial microwave?
Answer: Percy Spencer.


34. How about the car ownership in Europe in terms of number of cars per 1000 inhabitants?
Answer: 320.


35. Moon needs how many days to pass a sign?
Answer: 25 days.


Difficult General Knowledge Questions Part 3 (Questions 36-54)


36. Name the suspension system in which the wheels are fitted on beam type axles which are attached to the chassis frame through road springs:
Answer: Conventional suspension system.


37. Which is the modem group that Buddha found?
Answer: Aryasanga.


38. Charlie Watts, the drummer belong to which group?
Answer: The Rolling Stones.


39. In Norse Mythology, where is the home of the gods, reached by crossing the rainbow bridge?
Answer: Asgard.


40. Who was the last foreign secretary to serve in Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet, an MP who also contested the leadership after her resignation?
Answer: Douglas Hurd.


41. Name the Antarctic Drift in the South Atlantic Ocean on which continues along the western part of Africa and joins the south equatorial current:
Answer: Benguela Current.


42. A human society is distinguished from animal society by its _
Answer: Culture.


43. In an important modern novel the hero, a Jewish intellectual, writes unsent letters about himself and civilisation of the living and the dead. Which is it?
Answer: Saul Bellow’s Herzog.


44. When did the Egyptians invent the art of writing?
Answer: By 5000 B.C.


45. What is the term used for the scientific study of the moon?
Answer: Selenology.


46. In whose presence red algae resemble blue, green algae?
Answer: Phycobilins.


47. Which substance used as catalyst in the preparation of oxygen from potassium chlorate?
Answer: Manganese dioxide.


48. Which company carries on production sale or distribution all over the world?
Answer: MNC.


49. What are the three network components?
Answer: The network components are server, clients and communication media.


50. In size the protons is smaller than_
Answer: Electron.


51. For a design speed of 80 km/h the minimum stopping sight distance for moving vehicles on highway is _
Answer: 120 m.


52. How sedimentary rocks are formed?
Answer: By burial, compaction and hardening.


53. “Who would not rather have the fame of than that of his conqueror Marcellus?” Said William R. Hamilton on the death of a great mathematician. Who was that mathematician?
Answer: Archimedes (Archimedes was killed by a soldier of Marcellus when he was busy solving a geometrical problem).


54. How about the car ownership in Japan in terms of number of cars per 1000 inhabitants?
Answer: 320.


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