54 Difficult General Knowledge Questions and Answers


54 Difficult General Knowledge Questions and Answers


54 Difficult General Knowledge Questions and Answers


General Knowledge Quiz Questions


1. What were the instruments used by the Egyptians to measure time?
Answer: Sundial and water clock.


2. Why are there so many craters on the surface of the Mercury as on the surface of the Moon?
Answer: By the fall of meteors on its surface.


3. Which is the motile flagellate asexual spore?
Answer: Zoospore.


4. Which unstable substance formed as a result of a collision?
Answer: Activated complexes.


5. What is the name given to the business enterprises owned and managed by the Government?
Answer: Public enterprises.


6. What is a network?
Answer: Network is an interconnected collection of autonomous computers.


7. Which electrons are responsible for most electrical and electronic phenomena?
Answer: Free.


8. Liquid limit of a soil indicates its _
Answer: Shear strength.


9. Name a metamorphic rock:
Answer: Marble.


10. Who said, “The knowledge at which geometry aims is the knowledge of the eternal”?
Answer: Plato.


11. Name the scientist who proved that the velocity of light varies according to the medium through which it passes _
Answer: Léon Foucault.


12. How about the car ownership in USA in terms of number of cars per 1000 inhabitants?
Answer: 560.


13. “Bury my heart at wounded knee” Who wrote this remarkable line?
Answer: Stephen Vincent Benet.


14. Sun needs how many days to pass a sign?
Answer: 30 days.


15. What keeps the vehicle stable while moving on upheaval road or taking corners?
Answer: Stabilizer.


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16. What is the meaning of Nirvana?
Answer: The relief from life and death.


17. Which British singer has had a string of hits including “In the Air Tonight” in 1981 and ‘Groovy Kind of Love’ in 1988?
Answer: Phil Collins.


18. From which sun goddess did all Japanese emperors claim to be descended?
Answer: Amaterasu.


19. Which publication documents all proceedings of the British Parliament?
Answer: ‘Hansard’.


20. Name the bay which is situated between the western part of France and northern part of Spain:
Answer: Bay of Biscay.


21. A sociologist aims to be_
Answer: An objective inquirer.


22. “I, Claudius” and “Claudius the God” are remarkable historical novels about the Romans. The author also wrote “Wife to Mr. Milton” again a historical novel. Who is the author?
Answer: Robert Graves.


23. What were the inventions made by the Egyptians in the field of Astronomy?
Answer: The solar calendar and the division of the year into 365 days.


24. What are radio galaxies?
Answer: Very distant galaxies which emit radio waves (They are so far away that their light waves do not reach the Earth).


25. What does an algae possess?
Answer: Chlorophyll and carotenes.


26. Which compound formed when hydrogen peroxide decomposes?
Answer: Water.


27. What is the form of organisation in which both Government and private enterprises invest money and take part in management?
Answer: Joint Sector.


28. How many kinds of networking and what are they?
Answer: Two type of computer connection in network. They are peer to peer and client/server.


29. Materials with an intermediate number of free electrons are called _
Answer: Semiconductor.


30. Relative density of sand indicates _
Answer: Looseness of sand.


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31. How gravel, sand, silt and clay are formed?
Answer: By disintegration of rocks.


32. Who said, “The aim of research is the discovery of the equations which subsist between the elements of phenomena”?
Answer: Ernst Mach.


33. Who made the first commercial microwave?
Answer: Percy Spencer.


34. How about the car ownership in Europe in terms of number of cars per 1000 inhabitants?
Answer: 320.


35. Moon needs how many days to pass a sign?
Answer: 25 days.


36. Name the suspension system in which the wheels are fitted on beam type axles which are attached to the chassis frame through road springs:
Answer: Conventional suspension system.


37. Which is the modem group that Buddha found?
Answer: Aryasanga.


38. Charlie Watts, the drummer belong to which group?
Answer: The Rolling Stones.


39. In Norse Mythology, where is the home of the gods, reached by crossing the rainbow bridge?
Answer: Asgard.


40. Who was the last foreign secretary to serve in Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet, an MP who also contested the leadership after her resignation?
Answer: Douglas Hurd.


41. Name the Antarctic Drift in the South Atlantic Ocean on which continues along the western part of Africa and joins the south equatorial current:
Answer: Benguela Current.


42. A human society is distinguished from animal society by its _
Answer: Culture.


43. In an important modern novel the hero, a Jewish intellectual, writes unsent letters about himself and civilisation of the living and the dead. Which is it?
Answer: Saul Bellow’s Herzog.


44. When did the Egyptians invent the art of writing?
Answer: By 5000 B.C.


45. What is the term used for the scientific study of the moon?
Answer: Selenology.


46. In whose presence red algae resemble blue, green algae?
Answer: Phycobilins.


47. Which substance used as catalyst in the preparation of oxygen from potassium chlorate?
Answer: Manganese dioxide.


48. Which company carries on production sale or distribution all over the world?
Answer: MNC.


49. What are the three network components?
Answer: The network components are server, clients and communication media.


50. In size the protons is smaller than_
Answer: Electron.


51. For a design speed of 80 km/h the minimum stopping sight distance for moving vehicles on highway is _
Answer: 120 m.


52. How sedimentary rocks are formed?
Answer: By burial, compaction and hardening.


53. “Who would not rather have the fame of than that of his conqueror Marcellus?” Said William R. Hamilton on the death of a great mathematician. Who was that mathematician?
Answer: Archimedes (Archimedes was killed by a soldier of Marcellus when he was busy solving a geometrical problem).


54. How about the car ownership in Japan in terms of number of cars per 1000 inhabitants?
Answer: 320.


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