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Tough General Knowledge Questions with Answers

Tough General Knowledge Questions with Answers


52 Tough General Knowledge Questions with Answers


Tough General Knowledge Questions Part 1 (Questions 1-15)


1. What was the religion which existed in Egypt?
A kind of Polytheism.


2. What is the difference between a Radio telescope and an Optical telescope?
A Radio telescope receives radio waves from the stars where as an Optical telescope receives light waves from them.


3. From where does plants get nutrients?
Animal wastes and remains.


4. Which metal reacts with water and forms an alkaline compound?


5. A database system consists of two parts:
Database management system & Database application.


6. In which emission, the application of a strong electric field outside the emitter surface will pull the electrons out of the emitter surface?
Cold-cathode or field emission.


7. The behavior of cement concrete under instantaneous loads is:


8. How many types of rocks are there in earth’s crust?


9. Who said, “Mathematics is the archetype of the beautiful”?
Johannes Kepler.


10. Name the scientist who invented Deuterium:
Harold Urey.


11. What was first patented in 1846, and then manufactured by John Dunlop in 1888, for use on cars and bicycles?
The pneumatic tyres (Dunlop).


12. Who was the great philosopher lived in Egypt at about 2500 B.C.?


13. “Others abide our question, thou art free” Matthew Arnold wrote this in a famous sonnet. Who is it addressed to?


14. Moon usually depends upon what to rotate in Zodiac?
Depends upon stars.


15. Name the two kinds of shock absorbers used in a vehicle:
Mechanical Shock Absorbers and Hydraulic Shock Absorbers.


Tough General Knowledge Questions Part 2


16. The three disciplines of Buddhism?
Dyanam, Samadhi, Self-control.


17. What does the musical term ‘fortissimo’ mean?
Very loud.


18. Who is the Chinese and Japanese mother goddess whose attributes compassion and mercy, and who is a form of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara?
Kannon / Kwan Yin.


19. What is the reef parallel to the eastern coast of Australia which is visible at low tides?
Barrier reef.


20. Auguste Comte had pointed out the need for the creation of a distinct science of society which he first called:
Social physics.


21. Who wrote ‘The Compleat Angler’?
Izaak Walton.


22. Who wrote the Bab Ballads?
W.S. Gilbert.


23. What is the full form of SITE?
Satellite Instructional Television Experiment.


24. What are the requirements for plant growth?
It require water, air, sunlight, minerals and suitable temperature to grow.


25. Which metal floats on water?
Sodium (Potassium).


26. Name the policy which is issued to cover the fixed as well as current assets in a single insurance:
Blanket Policy.


27. Which compiler converts the data definitions statements into a set of tables?
Data Definition Language.


28. In which emission, the energy of light radiation falling upon the metal surface is transferred to the free electrons within the metal to enable them leave the surfaces?


29. In cold weather countries cement preferred is:
Calcium chloride cement.


30. How igneous rocks are formed?
By cooling and solidification of magma.


Tough General Knowledge Questions Part 3 (Questions 31-52)


31. Who asked, “What is exact about Mathematics but exactness? And is not this a consequence of the inner sense of truth”?
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.


32. Who was the inventor of Pyrometer?
Henry Louis Le Chatelier.


33. In what sequence do traffic lights change, starting from red?
Red-Red and Amber-Green-Amber-Red.


34. Which are the gigantic temples in ancient Egypt?
The temples at Karnak, Luxor and Philae.


35. Moon takes 27 days to rotate once around the cyclic motion of the planets having 108 sidereal feet. What is the name of this duration?
Sidereal month.


36. Direct Acting Hydraulic Shock Absorbers are known by another name. What is it?
Telescopic Shock-absorber.


37. Without which idea Buddhism cannot follow?


38. Which British singer was originally backed by the Shadows?
Cliff Richard.


39. What was the name of Zeus’s shield?


40. Who was the youngest ever leader of the Labor Party (UK) elected in 1983?
Neil Kinnock.


41. What is the base level for the land surface?
Sea level.


42. Who said “The other name of Sociology is Social Anthropology”?
Alfred Radcliffe-Brown.


43. Studies in a Dying Culture (1938), is a seminal work on the Marxist theory of art. Who is the author?
Christopher Caudwell.


44. What is the purpose of SITE?
For providing direct telecast from satellite to rural television sets (This experiment was offered by the USA in 1975).


45. Which is the largest group of plant?


46. The Color of the vapor that rises when concentrated Sulfuric acid reacts with a mixture of potassium bromide and manganese dioxide is:


47. Which is the API for microsoft products?
ODBC (Open Database Connectivity).


48. In which emission, the emitter metal is heated, resulting in increased thermal energy of free electrons?


49. Air permeability test of cement is conducted to find the:


50. Which are some of the common igneous rocks?
Diorite and basalt.


51. Who introduced system of sending messages using the symbols ‘dot’ and ‘dash’?
Morse (in telegraph).


52. In what year was the Volkswagen ‘Beetle’ first launched onto the mass market?


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