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Quiz Competition Questions and Answers

Quiz Competition Questions and Answers


51 Online Quiz Competition Questions and Answers


Online Quiz Questions


1. Which company produced the first washing machine commercially?
Answer: Hurley Electric Laundry Equipment Company.


2. What was the name of two space probes launched in 1977 which sent back remarkable pictures of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune?
Answer: Voyager 1 and II.


3. Which flowerless plants are found mostly in water and possess chlorophyll?
Answer: Algae.


4. Where is smallest atoms are seen at the modern periodic table?
Answer: Right hand top.


5. Name 4 ‘P’s in the hands of marketing managers:
Answer: Product, Promotion, Price and Place.


6. In Animation which technique is used to transform the shape of an object?
Answer: Linear Interpolation Techniques.


7. In x-ray tubes, the target plate of cathode rays is made of:
Answer: Tungsten.


8. In high tensile steel, carbon should be less than:
Answer: 0.15%.


9. How many atoms of oxygen are there in a water molecule?
Answer: One.


10. Who said these wise words full of figures, “Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand; instead of a million count half a dozen, and keep your accounts on your thumb nail”?
Answer: Henry David Thoreau.


11. Who discovered Galvanometer?
Answer: André-Marie Ampère.


12. What is IATA?
Answer: International Air Transport Association.


13. When did Amenhotep III ruled Egypt?
Answer: In between 1471 B.C. to 1375 B.C.


14. What is the term used for the period just before the launching of a space craft when time is counted backwards to reach zero at launching?
Answer: Count down.


15. Write the name of the tree which flower only once in a complete life-cycle:
Answer: Monocarpic.


Quiz Competition Questions and Answers Part 2 (16-30)


16. The different blocks of the Long form periodic table are what?
Answer: S, P, D, and F.


17. The division of products into classes made up of units possessing similar characteristics of size and quality is known as:
Answer: Grading.


18. The menu which is used for pointing to the selection of colours is called:
Answer: Palette.


19. When chromium is used as an alloying element in steel, there will be:
Answer: An increase in Abrasion resistance.


20. Water expands and freezes at what temperature?
Answer: 0° C.


21. Who said, “Mathematics is the Queen of the Sciences, and Arithmetic the Queen of Mathematics”?
Answer: Carl Friedrich Gauss.


22. Who discovered Laser?
Answer: Dr. Charles H. Townes.


23. When did IATA originate?
Answer: In 1919.


24. Who was the first idealist ruler in the world?
Answer: Amenhotep IV or Akhenaten.


25. What are the two contradicting theories explaining how the universe was created and evolved?
Answer: The Big Bang theory; The Steady-state theory.


26. Give the name of an organism that derives its nourishment from another living organism?
Answer: Parasite.


27. The violet colour of potassium permanganate solution is due to what?
Answer: Permanganate ions.


28. What is the term that is used for giving a name to the products by which it should become known and be remembered by the consumers?
Answer: Branding.


29. Which are the two types of colouring algorithms used in animation?
Answer: 1. Region filling algorithm 2. Polygon filling algorithm.


30. What is the full form of RADAR?
Answer: Radio Detection and Ranging.


Quiz Competition Questions and Answers Part 2 (31-50)


31. When does water has maximum density?
Answer: At 4° C.


32. Who said, “As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality”?
Answer: Albert Einstein.


33. Who invented printing press?
Answer: Johannes Gutenberg.


34. What is the Latin name for the North Star?
Answer: Polaris.


35. What is called the vegetation on high mountains beyond timber line?
Answer: Alpine.


36. Where are the largest atoms seen at the periodic table?
Answer: Bottom left.


37. Name the Brand mark which has legal restrictions:
Answer: Trademark.


38. Robots are controlled by:
Answer: Computers.


39. When did Thutmose become the ruler of Egypt?
Answer: In 1479 B.C.


40. What percentage of water are locked in the Lithosphere and sedimentary rocks?
Answer: 95%.


41. In which literary classic, mathematicians have been shown unpardonably hazy about the basic tenets of mathematics?
Answer: Gulliver’s Travels.


42. Who discovered sewing Machine?
Answer: Barthélemy Thimonnier.


43. What is the astronomical unit equal to 3.2616 light years?
Answer: Parsec.


44. What are called accessory whorls?
Answer: Petals and Sepals are collectively called as accessory whorls.


45. Which period having the largest number of elements in the periodic table?
Answer: The sixth period.


46. Who are the merchants who act as intermediaries between the producers and consumers?
Answer: Middlemen.


47. The most difficult problems in three dimensional computer generated movies are:
Answer: synchronisation and Parallelism.


48. The modern computers in which both the analogue and digital techniques are made use of are called:
Answer: Hybrid.


49. In railway tracks, the metal used is:
Answer: Mild steel.


50. Where is 99% of free water which is actually available for free circulation?
Answer: In oceans.


51. A mathematician wrote the strange, literary classic “Through the Looking Glass”. Who is that mathematician?
Answer: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.


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