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51 Free General Knowledge Quizzes

51 Free General Knowledge Quizzes


51 Online GK Quiz


Free General Knowledge Quizzes Part 1 (Questions 1-18)


1. Which is the great portrait sculpture in Egypt?
Answer: Great Sphinx of Giza.


2. What is the largest unit for measuring distances in space?
Answer: Mega Parsec (Mpc).


3. The professor who claimed that plants can see:
Answer: Harold Wager (in 1908).


4. Which theory is used for explaining the changes in reaction rate?
Answer: Collision theory.


5. Name the warehouse where imported goods are kept before the payment of import duty:
Answer: Bonded warehouse.


6. To produce a stream of electrons, a special metal electrode is present in every tube. Name it:
Answer: Emitter.


7. Long span concrete bridges are usually constructed as:
Answer: Composite Pre-stressed beam type.


8. What is the name of the rock which develops as a result of gradual accumulation, consolidation and hardening of products of weathering of mineral particles brought about by wind or water?
Answer: Sedimentary rock.


9. Which mathematician said, “The essence of mathematics resides in its freedom”?
Answer: Georg Cantor.


10. Name the Nobel Laureate couples who invented artificial radio-active elements:
Answer: Frédéric Joliot-Curie and Irène Joliot-Curie.


11. Which country is the foremost in the growth of the automobiles?
Answer: USA.


12. Two sisters collaborated in writing, ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’, Which pair?
Answer: Ann and Jane Taylor.


13. 2 and 1/4 days are determined for what purpose?
Answer: To know moon stands in which sign.


14. Name the type of shock absorbers which are popular with Ford Vehicles:
Answer: Rotary vane type Hydraulic Shock Absorber.


15. The life period of Buddha?
Answer: 566-486 BC.


16. Who fell in love with a statue he had carved?
Answer: Pygmalion.


17. In which parliament UK has 81 seats for members who are elected for a five year term?
Answer: European Parliament.


18. What is the level beyond which no more erosion occurs due to the action of running water?
Answer: Sea level.


Free General Knowledge Quizzes Part 2 (Questions 19-32)


19. Sociological study mainly aims at:
Answer: Knowledge about human social life.


20. Who wrote “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”?
Answer: Anita Loos.


21. Which are the musical instruments used in ancient Egypt?
Answer: Harp, pipe and flute.


22. What is the Messier catalogue?
Answer: It is a catalogue representing the first attempt to list the heavenly bodies difficult to identify.


23. Tracheophyte are characterized by the presence of what?
Answer: Vascular strands.


24. What contains terms and conditions of insurance?
Answer: Insurance Policy.


25. The primary advantage of a cient/server system is that:
Answer: Shifting the process between client system & database server.


26. The electrons in this shell of an atom are rather loosely held and can be dislodged entirely by collision. Name this shell:
Answer: Outermost.


27. Name a sedimentary rock:
Answer: Shale.


28. Who said, “The Great Architect of the Universe now begins to appear as a pure mathematician”?
Answer: James Jeans.


29. Name the person who has developed the modern sign language of the deaf: [The French man Charles-Michel de l’Épée
Answer: During 18th century.


30. Who deals with the problems of Air Pollution in USA?
Answer: Environment Protection Agency – EPA.


31. ‘The Scholar Gipsy’ is perhaps the most famous poem written about Oxford. Who wrote it?
Answer: Matthew Arnold.


32. What is point of intersection of moon?
Answer: The sign in which moon stands.


Free General Knowledge Quizzes Part 3 (Questions 33-51)


33. Stabilizer used in a shock absorber system are called by another name. What is it?
Answer: Sway bars.


34. What is the main discovery of Buddhism?
Answer: There is nothing impossible in the world.


35. Which popular singer was born in Tupelo, Mississippi and died in Memphis, Tennessee?
Answer: Elvis Presley.


36. Which nymphs in Greek mythology were the guardian spirits of the sea?
Answer: Nereids.


37. What did the British Government force to abolish in 1991, replacing it with the council tax?
Answer: Poll tax/Community charge.


38. What is the term that is used to designate a sea entering the land but smaller than the gulf?
Answer: Bay.


39. A sociologist studies:
Answer: Social aspects of human life.


40. ‘Slowly Down the Ganges’ is a remarkable account of a boat journey on the Ganga. Who is the author?
Answer: Eric Newby.


41. What were the achievements of the Egyptians in the field of Mathematics?
Answer: Laid the foundations of Arithmetic and Geometry.


42. Who prepared Messier catalogue and when?
Answer: The Frenchman Charles Messier in 1784. It contains more than 100 objects.


43. Up to what depth of the sea do the plants grow?
Answer: 200 m.


44. Which element can be toxic to plants growing in soils that are high in acidity?
Answer: Aluminum.


45. Name the consideration paid by the insured to the insurer:
Answer: Premium.


46. An example of network operating system is:
Answer: Windows NT/ Novell Netware.


47. Name the electrons that have become dislodged from the outermost shell:
Answer: Free electrons.


48. How metamorphic rocks are formed?
Answer: By metamorphosis.


49. Who. said, “A mathematician is great or he is nothing”?
Answer: Alfred Adler.


50. The heating up of certain gases in the atmosphere is due to the presence of the rays of the sun. By whom was this phenomenon discovered?
Answer: Joseph Fourier.


51. Who deal with the problems of Noise Pollution in USA?
Answer: The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-and – Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).


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