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Sports General Knowledge Questions with Answers

Sports General Knowledge Questions with Answers


50 Sports General Knowledge Online Quiz Questions with Answers


1. The quadruple jump was first landed by which figure skater?
Answer: Kurt Browning.


2. NBA Basketball Court is _ feet long
Answer: 94 feet.


3. A traditional athletic, Scottish Highland Games having a long log toss is called as?
Answer: Caber.


4. Name the tournament won by Harold Mahoney the Scottish player in 1896?
Answer: Wimbledon.


5. NBA championship was won by a player in three different decades and he was the first person to achieve it, name the person?
Answer: John Salley.


6. Name the professional sports league which is awarded with the Maurice Podoloff Trophy annually?
Answer: National Basketball Association (NBA).


7. The NCAA and NBA Championship was first won together by which head coach
Answer: Larry Brown.


8. The MLB Team having most wins in a single season record is held by which team?
Answer: Seattle Mariners


9. Which professional soccer club is known to be the real owner of Old Trafford
Answer: Manchester United.


10. What sport take place in Velodrome?
Answer: Cycling.


11. Who did Kobe Bryant get drafted by?
Answer: Charlotte Hornets.


12. Which USFL team did Herschel Walker play for?
Answer: New Jersey Generals.


13. Name the NFL head coach with the most wins record?
Answer: Don Shula.


14. The college football game was first played in _
Answer: 1869.


15. Ireland’s National sport is _
Answer: Hurling.


Sports General Knowledge Questions Part 2


16. Tiger Woods, golfer name begin with _
Answer: Eldrick.


17. In the 1990s the most division titles were won by which MLB Team?
Answer: Atlanta Braves.


18. What former MLB pitcher holds the record for surrendering the most all-time home runs?
Answer: Jamie Moyer.


19. Officially a NHL player must score 50 goals in his first 50 games of a season. Name the first person to achieve it?
Answer: Maurice Richard.


20. Regulation basketball hoop has a diameter of _
Answer: 18 inches.


21. In the NBA draft #1 overall was first drafted to which Canadian player?
Answer: Anthony Bennett.


22. Before becoming a Chef, Gordon Ramsay played soccer; name the professional soccer club that he was in?
Answer: Glasgow Rangers.


23. Name the youngest NFL player who surpassed the 5000 in the final game of 2011 season?
Answer: Matthew Stafford.


24. In 1980 Winter Olympics, Name the long track speed skater who individually won five gold medals?
Answer: Eric Heiden.

25. The world’s oldest annual marathon was held in Boston, in which year?
Answer: 1897.


26. Name the person to hold the most MLB record?
Answer: Reggie Jackson.


27. Stableford scoring system is used in which sport?
Answer: Golf.


28. 3000 points were scored for the first time by which NBA Player?
Answer: Wilt Chamberlin.


29. Boxing was declared a legal sport in the U.S in _
Answer: 1901.


30. Who holds the record for the most passing yards in an NFL game?
Answer: Norm Van Brocklin.


31. The Heisman Trophy was won twice, by whom?
Answer: Archie Griffin.


Sports General Knowledge Questions Part 3 (Questions 31-50)


32. The colligative basketball that Julius Erving played, held in which place?
Answer: University of Massachusetts.


33. Name the NBA Player who holds the record of double-triple-double?
Answer: Wilt Chamberlin.


34. 1980 Olympics hockey teams, head coach was _
Answer: Herb Brooks.


35. The World Series HR was first hit by an African American, name the person?
Answer: Larry Doby.


36. In what season do the 3 point line NBA began?
Answer: 1979-1980.


37. An American professional boxer who won the World Heavyweight Boxing from 1919 to 1926?
Answer: Jack Dempsey.


38. Chukkas is a sport played in seven minutes period, name the sport?
Answer: Polo.


39. The famous football player to be called as” The Galloping Ghost “ is ?
Answer: Red Grange.


40. The 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics Games in Australia was hosted in which city?
Answer: Innsbruck.


41. The formula one World Drivers championship was won the most by which person?
Answer: Michael Schumacher (7).


42. Decathlon consist of how many events?
Answer: 10.


43. Which country do Lionel Messi represents in the international soccer competition?
Answer: Argentina.


44. What is the time lapse for the European soccer match?
Answer: 90.


45. The number of players in men’s lacrosse game at one time in a field?
Answer: 20.


46. What NFL Hall of Famer was an outfielder for the 1919 New York Yankees?
Answer: George Halas.


47. What is the color of the #2 ball in the billiards game?
Answer: Blue.


48. The Indianapolis 500 took place for the first time in which year?
Answer: 1911.


49. The Rose Bowl and Super Bowl was won by a person being a head coach and he is the only one to receive it?
Answer: Dick Vermeil.


50. Name the first person to be selected in the NBA draft being an African American?
Answer: Chuck Cooper.


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50 Multiple Choice GK Questions and Answers

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