20 Basic General Knowledge Questions with Answers


20 Basic General Knowledge Questions with Answers


20 Basic General Knowledge Questions with Answers


1. In which Indian museum can you see the finest collection of the country’s art in the world?
Answer: The National Museum of India.


2. In which country can you see a unique replica of the original Parthenon in Greece?
Answer: USA.


3. Which is the largest post office in Asia?
Answer: Mumbai.


4. The Art of arranging dance movements is called:
Answer: Choreography.


5. The American President who was not elected by Popular Vote:
Answer: Gerald Ford.


6. Which Indian city in the state of Gujarat is named after Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the Indian Nation?
Answer: Gandhinagar.


7. ‘Old Glory’ is the name of which country’s flag?
Answer: United States.


8. More cars are produced in this American city than anywhere else in the U.S. Which is why it is called “Motor City”. Name it:
Answer: Detroit.


9. If, in France, you used the ‘Chemin de fer’, what would you be doing?
Answer: Travelling on a railway train.


10. Where would you be if you were traveling by the highest railway in the world?
Answer: Peru.


11. What is the London underground railway commonly called?
Answer: The Tube.


12. If you paid your fare in yen to travel by monorail to the airport, which city would you be visiting?
Answer: Tokyo.


13. In which country would you drive down an Autobahn?
Answer: Germany.


14. Name the mode of transport, both San Francisco and Kolkata have in common:
Answer: Tram Cars.


15. The Ringstrasse is a famous boulevard in this Austrian city. Name it:
Answer: Vienna.


16. This fabulous city boasts of 378 bridges. Can you name it?
Answer: Venice.


17. In which Asian country can you get around in the seven-seater ‘jitney’ bus?
Answer: Israel.


18. Which city is said to have the most impressive boulevards and avenues in the world?
Answer: Paris.


19. What is the name given to the Paris underground railway?
Answer: The Metro.


20. In which German city is ‘Kurfürstendamm’ a famous boulevard?
Answer: Berlin.


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