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100 Pub Quiz Questions Answers – Pub quizzes 2020

100 Pub Quiz Questions Answers


100 Pub Quiz Questions Answers


Pub Quiz Questions Answers – Pub quizzes 2020 Part 1


1. In Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, is a large pleasure park. Name it:
Answer: Fun City.


2. If you wished to visit the Shikotsu-Tōya National Park in Japan, which of its many islands would you go to?
Answer: Hokkaido.


3. Name Nepal’s most famous and most visited of all National Parks:
Answer: The Sagarmatha National Park.


4. Disneyland, a spectacular theme park, the exhibits, rides and shows in which are based on Disney film characters, is in the U.S. But in which state?
Answer: California.


5. If you set off on a Safari trip from Nairobi to the Maasai Mara game reserve, which country would you be in?
Answer: Kenya.


6. The largest park in Europe is in Dublin. Its main attractions are Dublin Zoo and the Wellington Testimonial. Can you name it?
Answer: Phoenix Park.


7. Which is Nepal’s best-known camping style trekking destination?
Answer: Lake Rara National Park.


8. In which Asian city would you visit three large amusement parks called the Great World, the Happy world, and the New World?
Answer: Singapore City.


9. When was All India Radio changed into Akashvani?
Answer: 1957.


10. Name the major Argentinian beach resort on the Atlantic coast with casinos and an amusement park:
Answer: Mar del Plata.


11. What is the name of the established church of Scotland, which follows a Calvinistic doctrine?
Answer: Presbyterianism.


12. In which country is ‘Tejo’ an ancient Indian disk throwing game, widely played?
Answer: Colombia.


13. Which game are you likely to see people playing in Moscow’s Gorky Park?
Answer: Chess.


14. The great northern forests of Maine, US provide unlimited opportunities for fishing, hiking, hunting and:
Answer: Boating.


15. In which city can you attend the Australian Grand Prix racing car event?
Answer: Adelaide.


16. What kind of fishing is popular in the waters of the Bahamas?
Answer: Spearfishing.


17. The Laurentian highlands are well-known for their excellent ski slopes.. Where are they?
Answer: Canada.


18. Where would you be if you were skiing down Mount Kosciuszko, this country’s snow sports centre?
Answer: Australia.


19. In which country can you indulge in such popular pastimes as Jai-alai, Cockfighting and Snorkeling?
Answer: Puerto Rico.


20. Which country would you be in if you took a six-day excursion trip up the Parana river to view the Iguazu Falls?
Answer: Argentina.


21. In which country can you go trekking in the Himalayas, rafting on river Trishuli and end with a mini-safari at the Chitwan National Park?
Answer: Nepal.


22. The Chicago Beach and Jebel Ali Hotels are built directly on the beach in:
Answer: Dubai UAE.


23. Which is North Africa’s most well-known vacation city with fine beaches?
Answer: Tangier.


24. Which country in the world was the first to grow coffee?
Answer: Abyssinia.


25. Who was the earliest saint who had come to India to convert people to Christianity?
Answer: St. Thomas.


Pub Quiz Questions Answers – Pub quizzes 2020 Part 2


26. What is the meaning of miscegenation?
Answer: Inter breeding of races.


27. Who was awarded the first Sahitya Akademi Prize for English?
Answer: R.K. Narayan.


28. Cockpit-flight recorders became a compulsory instrument in commercial aircraft as late as:
Answer: 1967.


29. In which country is more than 50% of the world’s cork produced?
Answer: Portugal.


30. Among animals which has the longest gestation period?
Answer: African elephant.


31. The gestation period of an African elephant?
Answer: 640 days.


32. Anniversary gifts rise in value with the rise in the number of years. What gift you give on someone’s first wedding anniversary?
Answer: Cotton.


33. In which country is Monte Carlo?
Answer: Monaco.


34. A child who will speak English has to learn the poem “Twinkle twinkle, little star”. Who wrote it?
Answer: Ann and Jane Taylor.


35. Vinson Massif, 16860 ft/5140 m is in:
Answer: Antarctica.


36. Who said “Give me blood and 1 will give you freedom”?
Answer: Subhash Chandra Bose.


37. What does recondite mean?
Answer: Requiring special knowledge to be understood.


38. What is the chief ingredient of the Dutch dish, coleslaw?
Answer: Cabbage.


39. What would be 100 0 C be in the Fahrenheit?
Answer: 212°.


40. To which country do the Galapagos islands, famous for Darwin’s voyage to them, belong?
Answer: Ecuador.


41. Which waterfall in the world is the highest, i.e. by drop from lip to base?
Answer: Angel Falls, Venezuela.


42. A person with an expert knowledge in some particular field is called:
Answer: Connoisseur.


43. Which is the most ancient script of India?
Answer: Brahmi.


44. Which was the first one-volume general encyclopedia in English?
Answer: Columbia Encyclopedia.


45. What is pulchritude?
Answer: Physical beauty.


46. The university of California has nine campuses, which is its main campus?
Answer: Berkeley.


47. Vedic literature speaks of a life-giving, life supporting system on earth. Which is it?
Answer: River.


48. What is Kosher fish?
Answer: Fish with scales and fins.


49. Among the concentration camps established by the Nazis, which accounted for the most deaths:
Answer: Auschwitz.


50. Which is the oldest university town in Europe?
Answer: Bologna in Italy.


UK Pub Quiz Questions Answers – Pub quizzes Part 3 (Questions 51-75)


51. Which is the most populous state in the United States of America?
Answer: California.


52. This lady of Greek mythology was endowed with the gift of prophecy, but fated never to be believed. Who?
Answer: Cassandra.


53. Which is the longest-living animal in the world?
Answer: Tortoise.


54. The practice of decimal census start in India in?
Answer: 1881.


55. What have Sheraton, Hepplewhite, and Queen Anne in common?
Answer: All chair designs.


56. Of the Nobel Prizes in various subjects which has been shared by two or more persons more times than the others?
Answer: Physiology or Medicine.


57. What was the Greek name of Chandragupta?
Answer: Sandrocottos.


58. Which South-East Asian country has never been colonized?
Answer: Thailand.


59. What is the Zodiacal Sign Virgo represented by?
Answer: Pair of Scales.


60. How many taste buds are there on the human body?
Answer: Around 3000.


61. Where is India’s largest slum located?
Answer: Dharavi, Mumbai.


62. The cat family has small as well as large numbers. Which is the largest?
Answer: Siberian Tiger.


63. Which Shakespearian play opens in a brothel in Vienna?
Answer: Measure for Measure.


64. Name the only Muslim Nation in Europe:
Answer: Albania.


65. A person who lives from plunder is called:
Answer: Freebooter.


66. The first Olympic Game in 776 B.C was confined to only one event. What was it?
Answer: Running.


67. Which creature of the animal kingdom should man be most afraid of?
Answer: Common housefly.


68. When was the wildlife (Protection) Act, offering succour to the endangered species of India, passed?
Answer: 1972.


69. Whose pen-name was Elia?
Answer: Charles Lamb.


70. Which drink is called Mother’s Ruin?
Answer: Gin.


71. What does inchoate mean?
Answer: Undeveloped.


72. Where in the world was the first atomic power station built?
Answer: England.


73. The first ever formulation of a theory of evolution was by:
Answer: Jean-Baptiste Lamarck.


74. From which river did Hinduism get its name?
Answer: Sindhu.


75. When was the first steel mill (J.N. Tata’s) in India built?
Answer: 1907.


Online Pub Quiz Questions Answers – Pub quizzes Part 4 (Questions 76-100)


76. Which game is played in such English pubs as have not been tarted up?
Answer: Darts.


77. Name a pilot in the first space shuttle flight:
Answer: Joe Engle.


78. What is the correct term for a she-ass?
Answer: jennie.


79. What is the meaning of abrogate?
Answer: Repeal.


80. Who can compete in the special Olympic Games?
Answer: Mentally retarded persons.


General Knowledge Pub Quiz


81. What is the meaning of adventitious?
Answer: Accidental.


82. To which part does the strongest muscle of the human body belong?
Answer: Jaw.


83. What is the meaning of obsequious?
Answer: Attentive in a servile manner.


84. The Greenhouse Effect written about recently by ecologists is:
Answer: The trapping of heat on the surface of the earth by the atmosphere.


85. This rare animal used to found in India till 1947, when it was hunted to its extinction. What is it?
Answer: The Snow Leopard.


86. In which famous book does the servant Passepartout appear?
Answer: Round the world in Eighty days.


87. What has the ancient Russian city Nizhny Novgorod been rechristened as?
Answer: Maxim Gorky.


88. The birth of the Indian cinema was with the feature film ‘Raja Harishchandra’, made by Dadasaheb Phalke. Which year was it?
Answer: 1913.


89. Megasthenes tells that Heracles was worshipped in:
Answer: Mathura region.


90. In which city in India was the first medical college started?
Answer: Kolkata.


100 Easy Pub Quiz Questions and Answers


91. Which explorer made the largest number of expeditions to Antarctica, five?
Answer: Richard E. Byrd.


92. Which is the largest volcano in the world?
Answer: Mount Kilimanjaro.


93. Who does the colorful term ‘tomato can’ describe?
Answer: A clumsy boxer.


94. Which is the oldest university in Germany?
Answer: Heidelberg.


95. What is an alfresco lunch?
Answer: Fixed price, but eat-as-much-as-you-can lunch.


96. Felix Mendelssohn composed incidental music for a Shakespearian play. Which is it?
Answer: A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


97. What speed can the fastest bird in the world, white-throated spine-tailed swift, reach?
Answer: 170 km/h or above.


98. How many states in the USA have a city named Moscow?
Answer: Ten.


99. In which country lies the largest deposit of tin?
Answer: China.


100. What is incontinence in philosophical parlance?
Answer: Weakness of will.


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