World History General Knowledge Quiz Questions Answers Part 2


World History General Knowledge Part 2

World History General Knowledge

World History General Knowledge Quiz

World History 1 – 10

1) How did the Paleolithic people clad?

Answer: Tree barks and animal skin. But often naked.

2) How long did the Paleolithic period last?

Answer: Probably from 30000 B.C. to 10000 B.C.

3) How did the Paleolithic men disposed their dead?

Answer: Left outside.

4) Where did we get information about Paleolithic men?

Answer: From the skeletons, tools and paintings on the walls of the caves unearthed by the excavators.

5) Which were the main types of Paleolithic men discovered by the excavators?

Answer: Java man (Indonesia), Peking man or Beijing man (China) and Heidelberg man (Germany)

6) What was the conditions of the above said groups?

Answer: They are human like being, not real man.

7) What was the tool used by these early Paleolithic men?

Answer: Stone axe

8) Who was the best known man during the Paleolithic age?

Answer: Neanderthal man

9) Where did the skeletons of Neanderthal man find out?

Answer: From Neander valley in Germany.

10) Where did the Neanderthal man live?

Answer: They lived in caves.


World History General Knowledge Quiz – 2

World History 1 1- 20

11) What was the important discovery made by the Neanderthal man?

Answer: The use of fire.

12) How did the Neanderthal man live?

Answer: Hunting, fishing and gathering wild fruits.

13) What kinds of tools were used by the Neanderthal man?

Answer: Knives, Spear heads, and throwing stones.

14) What kind of social life did the Neanderthal man have?

Answer: Lived in groups having the strongest as their head.

15) How did they dispose the dead?

Answer: They buried the dead.

16) While burying the dead, the clothes, tools and weapons of the dead man were also buried with him. What does it show?

Answer: They had some belief about some kind of life after death.

17) When did the Neanderthal man live?

Answer: Probably about fifty thousand years before.

18) Where Neanderthal men true men? (

Answer: They were generally accepted as to be the most near to human beings.

19) What were all the qualities that the Neanderthal man did not have?

Answer: They cannot stand erect nor hold their heads straight and incapable of speech.

20) Who were the important species of human beings lived on earth after Neanderthal men?

Answer: They were Cro-Magnons and Rhodesians.


World History General Knowledge Quiz – 3

World History 2 1- 30

21) Why did the Cro-Magnons be called so?

Answer: Their remains were found first from Cro-Magnon cave from France.

22) From where did the Cro-Magnons come to Europe?

Answer: They might have come from North Africa or South Asia.

23) When did the Cro-Magnon exist on the earth?

Answer: They existed about 35000 years ago.

24) The Cro-Magnons were superior to Neanderthals. What were the superior qualities they have?

Answer: He was more so near to modern man in shape. They were tall and erect and more civilized.

25) Where did the Cro-Magnons live?

Answer: They lived in caves.

26) The Cro-Magnons were more artistic. What was the proof for their artistic taste?

Answer: Pictures with many colors are still seen in the caves.

27) What was the social life that the Cro-Magnons had?

Answer: Greater interest in family life. Families joined together and formed clans.

28) How did the Cro-Magnons dispose the dead?

Answer: They buried the dead in strongly built caves.

29) What was the belief of the Cro-Magnons about the life after death?

Answer: They had faith in soul and life after death.

30) Could the Cro-Magnons be able to speak?

Answer: They could speak.


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