Visual Programming Questions and Answers – Programming Language Quiz


Visual Programming Questions and Answers

Visual Programming Questions and Answers


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Visual Programming Quiz Questions

Delphi Questions and Answers

1) Which is the latest version of Delphi?

Answer: Delphi 10

2) Disadvantage of Delphi:

Answer: It has complex programming environment that involves many different elements

3) Minimum memory capacity for loading Delphi 3:

Answer: 16 bit

4) Operating system was used for Delphi 3:

Answer: Windows 95 or Windows NT

5) Delphi interface with what for the database applications:

Answer: BDE (Borland Database Engine)

6) The symbol used in Delphi for assignment:

Answer: :=

7) Which is the key to press for running a program?

Answer: F9

8) What is the name of property window in Delphi?

Answer: Object inspector

9) Delphi is the modified version of which language?

Answer: Pascal


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Visual C++ Questions and Answers

10) Visual C++ is _?

Answer: Object Oriented Programming Language

11) Visual C++ use which programming technique?

Answer: Event driven programming technique

12) What is the full form of SDK?

Answer: Software Development Kit

13) What is the full form of ODBC?

Answer: Open Database Connectivity

14) How is visual C+ + connected to other databases?

Answer: Using ODBC

15) What types of libraries are used in visual C++?

Answer: MFC libraries

16) What is the important application field of visual C++?

Answer: System Programming

17) What is a wizard?

Answer: A wizard is a tool that helps guide us through a series of steps

18) What are the common elements of a window program?

Answer: Windows, Client and client area, Message and functions

19) What is the central part of the visual C+ + package?

Answer: Developer studio


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Visual Basic Questions and Answers

20) The full form of VPE:

Answer: Visual Programming Environment

21) The full form of VPL:

Answer: Visual Programming Language

22) Write examples for VPE

Answer: Visual Foxpro, Visual Basic

23) Write example for VPL:

Answer: Fabrik

24) The standard adopted by multiple vendors designed tenable users to connect any data source with a single application:

Answer: Open data base connectivity

25) The basic ODBC library that routes calls to the appropriate driver:

Answer: Driver manager

26) The most widely recognized representation problems in VPL:

Answer: Static representation, effective use of screen estate and documentation

27) The concept of Object Oriented Programming was introduced in:

Answer: 1969

28) The first Visual Language which adopts object oriented programming:

Answer: Visual Basic

29) Visual Languages permit Dynamic Data Exchange with:

Answer: Built in controls


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