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Politics and Answers

Politics Quiz Questions and Answers


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Politics Quiz Questions Part 1


1) Which politician described Russia “A puzzle with in a mystery, wrapped up in an enigma”?

Answer: Winston Churchill.

2) What is the name of Queen Elizabeth II’s youngest son?

Answer: Edward.

3) Who was the first Labor Prime Minister to form government in 1924?

Answer: Ramsay MacDonald.

4) Who lived at Lambeth Palace?

Answer: The Archbishop of Canterbury.

5) Who became the first non-Communist Polish Prime Minister since the 2nd world war in 1939?

Answer: Tadeusz Mazowiecki.

6) Name the first woman Prime Minister of Israel.

Answer: Golda Meir.

7) In which self-governing country in the world did women first obtain the right to vote in a national election?

Answer: New Zealand.

8) He was a British Socialist Politician who lived between 1897 and 1960 best known as the architect of the National Health Service?

Answer: Aneurin Bevan.

9) He was the German diplomat and statesman and was chief architect of the German Empire and was known as the Iron Chancellor. Who was he?

Answer: Otto von Bismarck.

10) Which politician was chiefly responsible for the creation of the British Police force as we know it?

Answer: Robert Peel.


Politics Quiz Questions with Answers Part 2


11) What is the name of the National Parliament of the Irish Republic?

Answer: Dail Eireann.

12) In which country is the Cortes Parliament?

Answer: Spain.

13) Two Victorian politician were known as The People’s Tribune and Dizzy. Name them.

Answer: William Ewart Gladstone and Benjamin Disraeli.

14) In the World of International Alliances what is O. A. U?

Answer: The organization of African Unity.

15) What is the Icelandic Parliament called?

Answer: The Althing.

16) What is the collective name of the international agreements by all the member states of the European Community?

Answer: Treaties of Rome.

17) What are the two main political parties in the Republic of Ireland called?

Answer: Fianna Fail and Fine Gael.

18) For how many years is a French President elected?

Answer: Seven years.

19) Who was the founder of Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in West Germany?

Answer: Konrad Adenauer.

20) Who was the first President of Turkey?

Answer: Kemal Ataturk.


GK Questions and Answers on Politics Part 3


21) George Bush was the President of USA during the period of _?

Answer: 1989-1993.

22) Who was the youngest Prime Minister in the of Canada?

Answer: Joe Clark.

23) For fifteen years, who was India’s Prime Minister?

Answer: Indira Gandhi.

24) Who was the last king of Ethiopia?

Answer: Haile Selassie.

25) Who was the first president of Indonesia?

Answer: Sukarno.

26) Who rebuilt the Democratism of Spain?

Answer: Juan Carlos.

27) Who was the first President of independent Belgian Congo?

Answer: Joseph Kasavubu.

28) Who banned slavery in America?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln.

29) Who was the first prime minister of Jamaica and the founder of People’s National Party?

Answer: Michael Manley.

30) Who was the Prince of Japan?

Answer: Prince Naruhito.


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