Physics Quiz Questions Work Power and Energy


Physics Work Power and Energy

Physics Quiz Questions Work Power and Energy


Quiz Questions

Physics Quiz Part 1

1) What do you mean by the rate of work done?

Answer: Power.

2) What is the collision when two bodies stick together after the collision?

Answer: Inelastic.

3) What do you mean by the third order of levers?

Answer: The effort is in between the resistance and the fulcrum.

4) What changes is done by a dynamo?

Answer: Mechanical energy is converted in to electrical energy.

5) Which is the main source of energy to earth?

Answer: Sun.

6) If velocity of a moving body is made 3 times, what happens to its kinetic energy?

Answer: K. E will increase 9 times.

7) Write an example of a third order of lever.

Answer: Forceps, ice tongs, hook and rod.

8) Write an example of second order.

Answer: Nut cracker.

9) What is the unit of work in the C.G.S system?

Answer: Erg.

10) By what type of force the work is done when a body falls freely?

Answer: Gravitational force.

11) What is equal to one watt?

Answer: One joule/second.

12) One H.P is equal to what?

Answer: 746 Watts.

13) What is called the capacity to do work?

Answer: Energy.

14) What is called the energy possessed by a body because of its velocity?

Answer: Kinetic energy.

15) What is called the energy possessed by a body because of its position?

Answer: Potential.


Physics Quiz Part 2

16) What does the kinetic energy of a body depend on-horseback?

Answer: It depends on its mass and velocity.

17) What happens when the height of a body from the ground is doubled?

Answer: Potential energy is also doubled.

18) What is the P.E of a body on the ground?

Answer: Zero.

19) In the interior of the sun, which reaction takes place?

Answer: Nuclear fusion.

20) In the sun, which is converted in to energy?

Answer: Matter.

21) In the core of the sun, hydrogen nuclei fuse together to form which nuclei?

Answer: Helium.

22) What is called a device which reduces human effort?

Answer: Machine.

23) What is called the rigid code that can rotate about a fixe point, fulcrum?

Answer: Lever.

24) What is called the force overcome by a lever?

Answer: Resistance.

25) In the first order of levers, what is between the resistance and the effort?

Answer: Fulcrum.

26) What is called the ratio of the resistance to the effort when they balance each other?

Answer: Mechanical advantage of a simple machine.

27) What is called the perpendicular distance from effort to fulcrum?

Answer: Effort arm.

28) Write an example of second order of levers?

Answer: Lime squeezer.

29) Write some example of the first order levers?

Answer: Balance, scissors, spanner.

30) State the law of conservation of energy.

Answer: Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.


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