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Multiple Choice Biology Quiz Questions Answers


Biology Quiz Questions Answers 1-10


1) Nomenclature is governed by certain universal rules. Which one of the following is contrary to the rules of nomenclature?
(a) Biological names can be written in any language (b) The first word in a biological name represents the genus name, and the second is a specific epithet (c) The names are written in Latin and are italicised (d) When written by hand, the names are to be underlined
Answer: A

2) It is much easier for a small animal to run uphill than for a large animal, because
(a) it is easier to carry a small body weight. (b) smaller animals have a higher metabolic rate. (c) small animals have a lower O2 requirement. (d) the efficiency of muscles in large animals is less than in the small animals.
Answer: B

3) Five kingdom system of classification suggested by R.H. Whittaker is not based on:
(a) Presence or absence of a well defined nucleus. (b) Mode of reproduction. (c) Mode of nutrition. (d) Complexity of body organisation.
Answer: A

4) Which one of the following fungi contains hallucinogens
(a) Morchella esculenta (b) Amanita muscaria (c) Neurospora sp. (d) Ustilago sp.
Answer: B

5) Archaebacteria differ from eubacteria in:
(a) Cell membrane (b) Mode of nutrition (c) Cell shape (d) Mode of reproduction
Answer: A

6) Which of the following shows coiled RNA strand and capsomeres?
(a) Polio virus (b) Tobacco masaic virus (c) Measles virus (d) Retrovirus
Answer: B

7) Viruses have:
(a) DNA enclosed in a protein coat (b) Prokaryotic nucleus (c) Single chromosome (d) Both DNA and RNA
Answer: A

8) The motile bacteria are able to move by:
(a) Fimbriae (b) Flagella (c) Cilia (d) Pili
Answer: B

9) An example of edible underground stem is:
(a) Carrot (b) Groundnut (c) Sweet potato (d) Potato
Answer: D

10) True nucleus is absent in:
(a) Mucor (b) Vaucheria (c) Volvox (d) Anabaena
Answer: D


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11) Which of the following structures is not found in a prokaryotic cell?
(a) Ribosome (b) Mesosome (c) Plasma membrane (d) Nuclear envelope
Answer: D

12) The imperfect fungi which are decomposer of litter and help in mineral cycling belong to:
(a) Basidiomycetes (b) Phycomycetes (c) Ascomycetes (d) Deuteromycetes
Answer: D
13) The structures that help some bacteria to attach to rocks and/ or host tissues are:
(a) Fimbriae (b) Mesosomes (c) Holdfast (d) Rhizoids
Answer: A

14) Pick up the wrong statement
(a) Prostista have photosynthetic and heterotrophic modes of nutrition (b) Some fungi are edible (c) Nuclear membrane is present Monera (d) Cell wall is absent in Animalia
Answer: C

15) Which one is wrong statement?
(a) Mucor has biflagellate zoospores (b) Haploid endosperm is typical feature of gymnosperms (c) Brown algae have chlorophyll a and c and fucoxanthin (d) Archegonia are found in Bryophyta, Pteridophyta and Gymnosperms.
Answer: A

16) In which group of organisms the cell walls form two thin overlapping shells which fit together?
(a) Euglenoids (b) Dinoflagellates (c) Slime moulds (d) Chrysophytes
Answer: D

17) Choose the wrong statements:
(a) Neurospora is used in the study of biochemical genetics (b) Morels and truffles are poisonoues mushrooms (c) Yeast is unicellular and useful in fermentation (d) Penicillium is multicellular and produces antibiotics
Answer: B

18) Which of the following are most suitable indicators of SO2 pollution in the environment?
(a) Conifers (b) Algae (c) Fungi (d) Lichens
Answer: D

19) Which of the following statements is wrong for viroids?
(a) They lack a protein coat (b) They are smaller than viruses (c) They cause infections (d) Their RNA is of high molecular weight
Answer: D

20. One of the major components of cell wall of most fungi is
(a) Chitin (b) Peptidoglycan (c) Cellulose (d) Hemicellulose
Answer: A


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21) Which one of the following statements is wrong?
(a) Cyanobacteria are also called blue-green algae (b) Golden algae are also called desmids (c) Eubacteria are also called false bacteria (d) Phycomycetes are also called algal fungi
Answer: C

22) Chrysophytes, Euglenoids, Dinoflagellates and Slime moulds are included in the kingdom
(a) Monera (b) Protista (c) Fungi (d) Animalia Chapter 3: Plant Kingdom
Answer: B

23) Which one of the following shows isogamy with non-flagellated gametes?
(a) Sargassum (b) Ectocarpus (c) Ulothrix (d) Spirogyra
Answer: D

24) Which one of the following is wrong about Chara?
(a) Upper oogonium and lower round antheridium. (b) Globule and nucule present on the same plant. (c) Upper antheridium and lower oogonium. (d) Globule is male reproductive structure.
Answer: C

25) Which of the following is responsible for peat formation?
(a) Marchanita (b) Riccia (c) Funaria (d) Sphagnum
Answer: D

26) An alga which can be employed as food for human being is:
(a) Ulothrix (b) Chlorella (c) Spirogyra (d) Polysiphonia
Answer: B

27) In which of the following gametophyte is not independent free living?
(a) Marchantia (b) Pteris (c) Pinus (d) Funaria
Answer: C

28) Read the following five statements (A to E) and select the option with all correct statements:
(A) Mosses and Lichens are the first organisms to colonise a bare rock. (B) Selaginella is a homosporous pteridophyte (C) Coralloid roots in Cycas have VAM (D) Main plant body in bryophytes is gametophytic, whereas in pteridophytes it is sporophytic (E) In gymnosperms, male and female gametophytes are present within sporangia located on sporophyte
(a) (B), (C) and (D)
(b) (A), (D) and (E)
(c) (B), (C) and (E)
(d) (A), (C) and (D)
Answer: B

29) Male gemetes are flagellated in:
(a) Anabaena (b) Ectocarpus (c) Spirogyra (d) Polysiphonia
Answer: B

30) Which one of the following statements is wrong?
(a) Agar – agar is obtained from Gelidium and Gracilaria (b) Chlorella and Spirulina are used as space food (c) Mannitol is stored food in Rhodophyceae (d) Algin and carragen are products of algae
Answer: C


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31) Male gametophyte in angiosperms produces:
(a) Single sperm and vegetative cell (b) Single sperm and two vegetative cells (c) Three sperms (d) Two sperms and a vegetative cell
Answer: D

32) In angiosperms, microsporogenesis and megasporogenesis:
(a) form gametes without further divisions (b) Involve meiosis (c) occur in ovule (d) occur in anther
Answer: B

33) Select the correct statement :-
(a) Gymnosperms are both homosporous and heterosporous (b) Salvinia, Ginkgo and Pinus all are gymnosperms (c) Sequoia is one of the tallest trees (d) The leaves of gymnosperms are not well adapted to extremes of climate
Answer: C

34) In bryophytes and pteridophytes, transport of male gametes requires
(a) Wind (b) Insects (c) Birds (d) Water Chapter 4: Animal Kingdom
Answer: D

35) Select the Taxon mentioned that represents both marine and fresh water species:
(a) Echinoderms (b) Ctenophora (c) Cephalochordata (d) Cnidaria
Answer: D

36) Which one of the following living organisms completely lacks a cell wall?
(a) Cyanobacteria (b) Sea – fan(Gorgonia) (c) Saccharomyces (d) Blue–green algae
Answer: B

37) Planaria possesses high capacity of:
(a) Metamorphosis (b) Regeneration (c) Alternation of generation (d) Bioluminescence
Answer: B

38) A marine cartilaginous fish that can produce electric current is:
(a) Pristis (b) Torpedo (c) Trygon (d) Scoliodon
Answer: B

39) Which of the following animals is not viviparous?
(a) Elephant (b) Platypus (c) Whale (d) Flying fox (Bat)
Answer: B

40) The terga, sterna and pleura of cockroach body are joined by:
(a) Muscular tissue (b) Arthrodial membrane (c) Cartilage (d) Cementing glue
Answer: B


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41) Which one of the following statements is correct?
(a) The seed in grasses is not endospermic. (b) Mango is a parthenocarpic fruit. (c) A proteinaceous aleurone layer is present in maize grain. (d) A sterile pistil is called a staminode.
Answer: C

42) A jawless fish, which lays eggs in fresh water and whose ammocoetes larvae after metamorphosis return to the ocean is:
(a) myxine (b) Neomyxine (c) Petromyzon (d) Eptatretus
Answer: C

43) Body having meshwork of cell, internal cavities lined with food filtering flagellated cells and indirect development are the characteristics of phylum.
(a) Porifera (b) Mollusca (c) Protozoa (d) Coelenterate
Answer: A

44) Which of the following featrues is not present in the Phylum – Arthropoda?
(a) Chitinous exoskeleton (b) Metameric segmentation (c) Parapodia (d) Jointed appendages
Answer: C

45) Which of the following characteristic features always holds true for the corresponding group of animals?
(a) Cartilaginous Chondrichthyes endoskeleton (b) Viviparous Mammalia (c) Possess a mouth Chordata with an upper and a lower jaw (d) 3 – chambered heart Reptilia with one incompletely divided ventricle
Answer: A

46) Which one of the following characteristics is not shared by birds and mammals?
(a) Ossified endoskeleton (b) Breathing using lungs (c) Viviparity (d) Warm blooded nature Chapter 5: Morphology of Flowering Plants
Answer: C

47) Placenta and pericarp are both edible portions in:
(a) Apple (b) Banana (c) Tomato (d) Potato
Answer: C

48) When the margins of sepals or petals overlap one another without any particular direction, the condition is termed as:
(a) Vexillary (b) Imbricate (c) Twisted (d) Valvate
Answer: B

49) An aggregate fruit is one which develops from:
(a) Multicarpellary syncarpous gynoecium (b) Multicarpellary apocarpus gynoecium (c) Complete inflorescence (d) Multicarpellary superior ovary
Answer: B

50) Leaves become modified into spines in :-
(a) Pea (b) Onion (c) Silk Cotton (d) Opuntia
Answer: D


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