Mathematics Quiz Questions with Answers – Online Math GK Quiz Part 15


Mathematics Quiz Part 15

Mathematics Quiz


Mathematics Part 1 – General Knowledge

1. When did Al-Khwarizmi write the popular book which introduced Indian numbers and zero to the Arab world?

A.D. 820

2. When were Indian mathematicians leaders in the world of mathematics?

6″‘ to 10th century

3. When did the first printed book on mathematics appear?


4. When was the problem of “Seven Bridges of Konigsberg” posed?


5. When was the “Four color conjecture” every map on a flat surface or a sphere can be cultured without using more than four different colors – proved?


6. When this book was published, a timorous editor added a note claiming that the author had forwarded the revolutionary theory mentioned in it as a mathematical convenience and not as reality. Which is that book?

De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium

7. Which book became popular as “The Red Monster” among not only mathematicians but also physicists, engineers, statisticians etc. as a handy reference?

The Handbook of Mathematical Functions

8. Who wrote the classic “On computable numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungs problem” that dealt with logic in calculations?

Alan Turing

9. “Researches into the Mathematical Principles of the Theory of wealth” is the first systematic treatise on the application of mathematics to economics. Who wrote it?

Augustin Cournot

10. Who wrote the classic entertainer “Mathematical Recreations and Essays”?

W. Rouse Ball


Mathematics Quiz Part 2 – General Knowledge

11. Who wrote the first systematic text on trigonometry?

Johannes Muller

12. Who wrote the classic “Logic Machines and Diagrams”?

Martina Gardner

13. Who is the author of “Mathematics for the Million”, a lucidly written book giving the origins and fundamentals of mathematics?

Lancelot Hogben

14. Who wrote the classic “Proofs and Refutations” in which he argued that mathematics is not infallible and is subject to correction and criticism?

Imre Lakatos

15. Who wrote the quaint book “Sand Reckoner” in which the universe was considered to be made up of sand grains and their count was made?


16. Who wrote “The Analyst” which attacked the then newly conceived calculus invented by Isaac Newton?

George Berkeley

17. This book was used as a school textbook in Persia for hundreds of years. Which is that book?

The Algebra of Omar Khayyam

18. Which journal gives up-to-date information on the current world literature in mathematics especially for researchers?

Mathematical Review

19. ‘Lady Luck’ is the title of a popular science book on:

The theory of probability

20. The oldest journal devoted chiefly to advanced mathematics is:

Journal de l’Ecole polytechnique


Mathematics Quiz Answers Part 3 – General Knowledge

21. Which is the most unreadable mathematical classic?

Principia Mathematica

22. Both Rene Descartes and Pierre de Fermat are considered to be the founding father of this subject. What is the subject?

Analytical Geometry

23. Who is the founding father of modern analysis?

Augustin Cauchy

24. These two mathematicians founded the theory of probability. Who are they?

Pierre de Fermat and Blaise Pascal

25. Who founded the Logistic School of Mathematics?

G.W. Leibniz

26. Who is the founding father of the Formalist School of Mathematics?

David Hilbert

27. Who founded the Intuitionist School of Mathematics?

L.E.J. Brouwer

28. Which mathematician invented a wheelbarrow?

Blaise Pascal

29. What is the structure of a DNA molecule?

Double helix

30. The shell of a snail has a shape resembling:

A logarithmic spiral


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