Inventions in Biology Quiz Questions


Inventions in Questions

Inventions in Biology Quiz Questions


Quiz Questions

Biology Quiz Part 1


1) Who discovered penicillin?

Answer: Alexander Fleming.

2) Who discovered the vaccine for small pox?

Answer: Edward Jenner.

3) Won invented the stethoscope?

Answer: Dr. Rene Laennec.

4) Who discovered the bacterium which causes anthrax?

Answer: Robert Koch.

5) Who invented Golgi bodies?

Answer: Camillo Golgi.

6) Who first discovered cells?

Answer: Robert Hooke.

7) Who discovered the nucleic acid?

Answer? Miescher.

8) Who is called the father of modern biology?

Answer: Aristotle.

9) Who discovered insulin?

Answer: Sir Fredrick Grant Banting and J.J.R. Macleod.

10) Who was the inventor of cortisone?

Answer: Edward Calvin Kendall.

11) Who wrote the book origin of species?

Answer: Charles Darwin.

12) Who proposed the term Species?

Answer: John Ray in 17th century.

13) Who proposed Germplasm theory?

Answer: August Weismann.

14) Who proposed biogenetic law?

Answer: Haeckel.

15) Who published the book Descent of the man?

Answer: Charles Darwin.


Biology Quiz Part 2

16) Who proposed the theory of Biogenesis?

Answer: Louis Pasteur.

17) Who coined the term Ecology?

Answer: German scientist Ernst Haeckel.

18) Who coined the word Ecosystems?

Answer: A.G Tansley in 1935.

19) Who coined the term Diapause?

Answer: Wheeler in 1893.

20) Who introduced the term Physiology?

Answer: Jean Fernel in 1552.

21) Who coined the term Vitamin?

Answer: Funk in 1912.

22) Who discovered O type of blood group?

Answer: Landsteiner.

23) Who founded the science of anatomy?

Answer: Galen.

24) Who is the first person to study the dissected human body?

Answer: Vesalius.

25) Name the scientist who proposed the theory of mutation.

Answer: Hugo de Vries.

26) Who discovered Endocrinology?

Answer: Bay Liss and Starling.

27) Who proposed the recapitulation theory?

Answer: Von Bear.

28) Who invented neurology?

Answer: Franz Joseph Gall.

29) Who discovered Radium?

Answer: Madame Curie.

30) What is the discovery of Louis Pasteur?

Answer: Vaccination of hydrophobia and the germ theory of disease.


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