Current Affairs and General Knowledge – 1 July 2017 – News Headlines


Current Affairs and – 1 July 2017 – News Headlines


Current Affairs and General Knowledge Quiz


Current Affairs and News Headlines – 1 July 2017


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA) successfully launched Terrier-Improved Malemute sounding rocket that created colourful artificial clouds visible in the skies of the United States Of America.


Venus Williams faces lawsuit for car death. Venus Williams faces a wrongful death lawsuit from the family of a man who died in a Florida car crash involving the tennis star, says a lawyer.


Jaco Van Niekerk of South Africa Breaks 300m World Record at Golden Spike Meet recently.
He broke Michael Johnson’s previous world record in the 300m of 30.85.


A key Senate panel has asked the Pentagon to reassess its approach to partner with India and cooperate with it in anti-submarine warfare, amid China’s increased naval presence in the Indian Ocean.


India has launched Goods and Services Tax, the biggest tax reform since its Independence.


Israel bombs Syria in response to rocket strike. The Israeli army bombed a Syrian military position from which it claims a rocket was fired from the Golan Heights, occupied by Israel, in the fourth incident of this type to occur in less than a week.


The BCCI announced on Friday that India ‘A’ and Under-19 coach Rahul Dravid will continue in the same capacity for the next two years.


The Union Ministry of Science & Technology launched National Biopharma Mission, a first ever Industry-Academia mission to accelerate biopharmaceutical development in India.


Colonial Cousins member Lesle Lewis bags his first singer’s award. Lesle Lewis has won MTV Indian Viewers’ Choice award in New York and Billboard Award for the Best Asian Music Group in Las Vegas.


India has contributed $500,000 to the UN Peacebuilding Fund.


The Mario Kart World Cup kicks off today, featuring teams from 10 nations competing in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch, as well as Mario Kart Wii, a 2008 classic that remains a touchstone for the Mario Kart competitive scene.


Shamma Jain appointed as the next Ambassador of India to Greece.


The Chinese president has sworn in the new leader of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, as the territory marks 20 years since its handover to China from Britain.


The US is blacklisting China as one of the worst human trafficking offenders in the world.


Union Health Ministry’s mobile app Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (EVIN) wins GSMA Asia Mobile Award recently.


Donald Trump warns North Korea of ‘determined response.’ US President Donald Trump says that years of “strategic patience” with North Korea have failed and it is now time for a “determined response.”


NASA has found 16,000 asteroids near Earth.


Anti-hunger activist Ankit Kawatra has been awarded the Queen’s Young Leaders Award for 2017 by Queen Elizabeth II at a ceremony in the Buckingham Palace.


Pope Francis’s top Vatican ally has just been charged with child sex abuse.


Germany gay marriage approved by MPs in snap vote. A clear majority of German MPs have voted to legalise same-sex marriage, days after Chancellor Angela Merkel dropped her opposition to a vote.


Current Affairs and – July 1, 2017


1. India has recently donated how much amount to UN Peace Building Fund (PBF)?
A) $4 Lakh
B) $5 Lakh
C) $6 Lakh
D) $8 Lakh

2. Which city did the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated an exhibition of artworks at Academy of Fine Arts ?
A) Kolkata
B) Chennai
C) Mumbai
D) Goa

3. India’s first-ever mega textiles trade event Textiles India 2017 started in which city of Gujarat?
A) Gandhinagar
B) Surat
C) Ahmedabad
D) Rajkot

4. Who has been appointed as the new Attorney General of India?
A) P J Thomas
B) M N Krishnamani
C) K K Venugopal
D) Rohington Nariman

5. Which award the Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (EVIN) app won recently ?
A) GSMA Asia Mobile Award
B) National Award
C) Padma Award
D) Best app of the year

6. Who took over as the Director General of Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP)?
A) Krishna Chaudhary
B) R K Pachnanda
C) Krishna N Urs
D) Nangre Patil

7. Which of the following Indian American personalities will be honoured with the 2017 “Great Immigrants: The Pride of America” award?
A) Shantanu Narayen and Vivek Murthy
B) Sunder Pichai and Hari Sreenivasan
C) Bharati Mukherjee and Vikram Malhotra
D) Satya Narayan and Vikram Murthy

8. Which year Japan plans to land a human on the moon ?
A) 2020
B) 2030
C) 2050
D) 2019

9. With which country India signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on Cooperation in Controlling Narcotic Drugs?
A) Myanmar
B) Afghanistan
C) Thailand
D) Malaysia

10. Who has been appointed as the new Economic Relations Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)?
A) Vinesh Rathore
B) Madhu Tamble
C) Kirti Singh
D) Vijay Gokhale



1. B) $5 Lakh

2. A) Kolkata

3. A) Gandhinagar

4. C) K K Venugopal

5. A) GSMA Asia Mobile Award

6. B) R K Pachnanda

7. A) Shantanu Narayen and Vivek Murthy

8. B) 2030

9. C) Thailand

10. D) Vijay Gokhale


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