Biology Quiz Questions Animal Kingdom


Biology Animal Kingdom

Biology Quiz Questions Animal Kingdom


Quiz Questions

Biology Quiz Part 1


1) What is an animal?

Answer: The word animal comes from Latin, meaning breath or soul. It includes mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, frogs, clams, lobsters, insects, worms, and jelly-fish.

2) What are invertebrates?

Answer: They are a division of the animals which have no vertebral column.

3) Which is the biggest cell?

Answer: The egg of the bird ostrich.

4) Gave the names of three fur bearing animals?

Answer: The sable, a kind of antelope, mink and the arctic fox are fur bearing animals.

5) Which living animal has the longest lifespan?

Answer: Tortoise.

6) What is a flying fox?

Answer: It is a kind of bat.

7) Which is the largest marsupial?

Answer: Red kangaroo.

8) How do mammals communicate?

Answer: They communicate by sounds, touch, visual clues, and odor.

9) What is a viviparous?

Answer: A viviparous animal is one that gives birth to young ones.

10) What is Murrah?

Answer: It is a hybrid buffalo which is a high milk producer.

11) Which is the tallest living animal?

Answer: Giraffe.

12) Which is the biggest land animal?

Answer: African bush elephant.

13) How many species are there in mammals?

Answer: There are forty thousand species.

14) What is Pangolin?

Answer: It is a mammal which does not have teeth.

15) Which is the animal that never drinks water?

Answer: Kangaroo rat.


Biology Quiz Part 2

16) What is Herbivorous?

Answer: Herbivorous is the term used to describe plant eating animals.

17) Which are the mammals that lay eggs?

Answer: Spiny anteaters and the duck-billed platypus.

18) How far can a kangaroo jump?

Answer: It can cover a distance of 7 to 9 meters just in one jump.

19) Where is the metameric segmentation occur?

Answer: Annelida.

20) Why do animals have hair?

Answer: They help to retain the internally producing heat.

21) Which the animal that has a tongue longer than its body?

Answer: Chameleon.

22) Which animal has the biggest brain?

Answer: Sperm Whale.

23) What kind of animals lives underground?

Answer: Bees, badgers, earth worms, turtles and toads.

24) Which are the cats that have no tail?

Answer: The Manx and the Siamese.

25) Which animal is the fastest on foot?

Answer: Cheetah.

26) Why does the egg happen to be larger in size when compared to the other cells?

Answer: Because the food for the growth of the embryo is stored in egg.

27) Which is the aquatic animal with the most developed intelligence?

Answer: Dolphin.

28) What is the average length of dolphin?

Answer: 1.3 meter.

29) Name four animals which are put to work by man?

Answer: The donkey, the mule, the camel, the bullocks.

30) What is called an animal which eats human flesh?

Answer: Feline.


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