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Applications of Mathematics


Mathematics Quiz – Applications of Mathematics


1) Some staircases are in the form of a:

Answer: Spiral

2) Our measurement of time is based on:

Answer: Sexagesimal number system

3) The thread of a bolt is in the form of a:

Answer: Circular helix

4) What is the number which may vary from time to time, does not leave one till one has finished studies?

Answer: Roll number

5) Which household gadget occasionally operates on a special sequence of number?

Answer: Lock (It is called a ‘combination lock’)

6) Every day one follows the numbers of this table. What is it?

Answer: Calendar

7) Sugar is occasionally served in the form of a:

Answer: Cube

8) What is the Christmas Star known as?

Answer: Dodecagon

9) One’s score in an I.Q test is known as one’s:

Answer: Intelligence quotient

10) When we have to go by bus, we remember this number:

Answer: Transport number

11) What is brick called in geometrical terms?

Answer: Cuboid

12) When numbers are assigned to a person on the basis of his performance in studies, they become:

Answer: Marks

13) This measuring device is often misused. What is it?

Answer: Foot-rule (It is often employed to beat students)

14) A pencil is often in the form of a:

Answer: Cylinder (Pencils are also in form of hexagonal and triangular prisms)

15) When we enter a foreign country, this number is essential:

Answer: Passport number


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16) The earth is in the shape of:

Answer: An oblate spheroid

17) What is the number attached to a book when it is kept in a library?

Answer: Accession number

18) Quality control of products manufactured in an industry is conducted using:

Answer: Statistical techniques

19) Which ratio is most pleasing to the eye?

Answer: Golden ratio

20) Egyptian pyramids are actually:

Answer: Square-based pyramids

21) The dish of a radio telescope is:

Answer: Concave in shape

22) Which geometrical concept is employed to make maps of the world?

Answer: Mercator’s projection

23) The patterns of are:

Answer: Cyclical

24) When a heavy, flexible cable or rope is suspended from two points, say two pylons, it forms:

Answer: Catenary curves

25) Which subject is often employed in advertisements to boost up the sales of products?

Answer: Statistics


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